Kanto SUB8 Sealed Powered Subwoofer -Vinyl Black

MX00122063 SUB8 Sealed Powered Subwoofer -Vinyl Black
MX00122063 SUB8 Sealed Powered Subwoofer -Vinyl Black MX00122063 SUB8 Sealed Powered Subwoofer -Vinyl Black

Product Info

Kanto SUB8

Sealed Powered Subwoofer

Updated in 2022, this sub8 gives you the speed and accuracy that only a sealed subwoofer can deliver. An 8" woofer driven by a 300W amp responds quickly to transients and keeps distortion to a minimum. Its compact size provides full-range sound without sacrificing floor space and a crossover filter and phase control allow for easy integration into any audio system. Sub8 provides worry-free longevity with its rigid MDF construction, solid rubber feet, metal grill, and durable vinyl finish. With matching aesthetics, sub8 is the perfect companion to any Kanto speaker or wherever else tight bass in a tight space is needed.



Experience the full impact of every song and soundtrack.


Sealed subwoofers react to changes in audio more quickly than vented designs. Every bass note is reproduced accurately with little distortion allowing you to hear pure audio and not the subwoofers' influence on the sound.

Compact Design

At roughly 11″ in each direction, sub8 fits under desks or in the smallest of apartments where traditional home theater subwoofers may dominate the space.

What others are saying...

"The addition of the SUB8 was welcomed, and brought an extra bit of depth to the performance on a whole. As a potential whole home or party speaker, the YU6/SUB8 combination is very compelling and may be among the best options available today as far as I'm concerned" Read More

Additional Information:

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Make and Model Kanto SUB8 Subwoofer
Part Number SUB8VMB
Color Black
Drivers 8″ Paper Cone Woofer
Audio Class D Amplifier
300W Peak Power (150 Watts Total RMS)
Frequency Response 35 Hz – 175 Hz
Input RCA L/R Line Level
Dimensions 11″ x 11″ x 11.9″ (28 x 28 x 30.3 cm)
Weight Net Weight: 18.3 lb (8.3 kg)

Package Contents

  • Kanto Subwoofer
  • Power Cord
  • RCA Cable
  • Manual