Arctic Cooling MX Cleaner Wipes, 40-Pack

MX00121834 MX Cleaner Wipes, 40-Pack
MX00121834 MX Cleaner Wipes, 40-Pack MX00121834 MX Cleaner Wipes, 40-Pack

Product Info

MX Cleaner – Wipes for Removing Thermal Compounds (40 Pieces)

MX Cleaner is the perfect cleaning for users and reliably dissolves thermal paste and effortlessly removes traces and residues from thermal pads.


Perfect Cleaning

The MX Cleaner dissolves old and heavily dried thermal paste, such as your MX-2 or MX-4, so that it can be picked up and removed with the cloth without any problems.

Residue-free Removal

In contrast to cleaning with handkerchiefs, household rolls or cloth wipes, the thermal paste does not smear on the processor, but is cleanly loosened from the surface and removed. Even stubborn traces and residues of heat conductive pads can be reliably removed.

Gentle Active Ingredients

ARCTIC's MX Cleaner is limonene-based and contains neither alcohols nor benzenes. This natural substance is primarily used for industrial cleaning as it is effective and at the same time gentle to metals and alloys.

Individually Packed

The 40 MX-Cleaner cleaning cloths included in the set are individually-packed and airtight. This keeps them moist for a long time, making them suitable for both hobby users and enthusiasts.

Additional Information:

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Part Number ACTCP00033A
Wipe Material Cellulose
Ingredients Limonene
Dimensions 115 x 115 mm (each wipe)
Weight N/A

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  • Arctic Cooling MX Cleaner Wipes, 40-Pack
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