Club3D USB Type-C Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock w/ 65W PS

MX00121816 USB Type-C Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock w/ 65W PS
MX00121816 USB Type-C Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock w/ 65W PS MX00121816 USB Type-C Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock w/ 65W PS MX00121816 USB Type-C Triple Display Dynamic PD Charging Dock w/ 65W PS

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
By: Martin
From: Calgary

Great docking station for business and low power laptops - requires USB-C with DP alt mode


3x Display Outputs: DP, HDMI and VGA, can all be used simultaneously (pending DP alt mode support in the laptop) Lots of USB Ports Shape of Dock is great for installing under laptop to provide better airflow and use up less desk space Included SD Card Reader Dock runs fairly cool Inexpensive


The included power supply (65W in this model) comes with a short cable (around 4ft) and may not provide enough power for both the dock and laptop. Laptops that require more than 65W will either require using the original power supply that came with the laptop (in addition to plugging the dock in), or a larger power supply (there is another model available with a 100W unit). 4K support is limited to the HDMI and DP ports (at 30Hz). Requires expensive active adapters/cables if (2) DP outputs are required. Not as much bandwidth available for devices / outputs as Thunderbolt docks.

Additional Comments:

We have close to 100 of these units (primarily ones with 65W power supplies) running within our organization and they have been very reliable with various HP / Dell Business Laptops, as well as newer BYOD Laptops that have DP alt mode USB-C ports.
Monday, January 2, 2023
By: Rio
From: Victoria

Works great with work laptop and steamdeck


Works without a problem with my Steamdeck Includes power adapters Negotiates proper power for the device and dock (as long as the power adapter is able to provide it)


Cable to hose is a little on the short side

Additional Comments:

I bought this dock because I wanted something to work with my Steamdeck and possibly my wife's Lenovo T480s. She has a dock for work (DisplayLink type) that works well with her laptop but didn't with the Steamdeck. We have one desk with our computer monitors that we share. This works with both of the devices flawlessly. It even makes sure to supply the proper wattage for itself + the device. I've had other docks that don't intercept the Power Delivery negotiation so it only supplies what the device asks for without enough power for itself. So, the device often reports as slow charging because it's now sharing the total delivered wattage. This one adjust for what the device is asking for and for itself to negotiate properly with the actual charger! Both Steamdeck and Lenovo charge at full rate.
Thursday, December 15, 2022
By: Chris
From: Edmonton

Not supported by many laptops


This dock does not have its own video graphics chipset, which means it requires the video processing by the laptop with DP Alt Mode. If you have to ask, your laptop probably does not support it. The power feature is probably also not supported by your laptop. If you don't know for sure your device supports these, the only benefits will be USB ports, network port, and audio port. None of this is particularly clear from the description if you don't know what to look for.

Additional Comments:

Make sure your laptop supports the features before buying. Possibly contact [email protected] and ask them about your specific model.
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