Asus 90XB04EN-MPW020 65W USB Type-C Power Adapter

MX00120396 90XB04EN-MPW020 65W USB Type-C Power Adapter
MX00120396 90XB04EN-MPW020 65W USB Type-C Power Adapter

Product Info

Asus 90XB04EN-MPW020 65W USB Type-C Power Adapter

The compact ASUS AC65-00 is a 65W AC Adapter with a USB Type-C (USB-C) connector and is designed for ASUS laptops that support charging via USB-C. The AC65-00 supports international voltage standards (100-240V, 50-60Hz), and includes USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 technology that automatically detects and supplies 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A and 20V/3.25A output.

Multiple output protection, including Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP) and Short Circuit Protection (SCP) are built-in to keep you and your laptop safe.


  • Easy to Carry
  • EMI Shielded
  • Green ASUS Certified

Additional Information:

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Product Name Asus 90XB04EN-MPW020 65W USB Type-C Power Adapter
Part Number 90XB04EN-MPW020
Color Black
Category Asus Laptop / Notebook Power Adapter
Input AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.5A
Output DC 5.0V / 3.0A
DC 9.0V / 3.0A
DC 15.0V / 3.0A
DC 20.0V / 3.25A
Total Output 65W
DC Plug Type C
Compatible Model C425TA, CM1400FXA, CM3200FM1A, CX1101CMA, CX1500CKA, CX3400FMA, CX9400CEA, CZ1000DVA, B5302CEA, B5302FEA, CR1100FKA, C433TA, C436FA, CX5500FEA, UM425UAZ, UX425EA, UM425IA, UX363EA, UX371EA, UX482EA, UX482EG, UX393EA, UX435EAL, UX435EG, UX325EA, UM425UA, C214MA, B9400CEA, UX393JA, UX425JA, C403NA, B9450FA, C202XA, T103HAF, UX370UA, B9440UA, B9450CEA, C203XA, C204EE, C204MA, C213SA, C223NA, C302CA, C423NA, C434TA, C523NA, C536EA, CM3000DVA, CM3200FVA, CM5500FDA, CT100PA, CX1100CNA, CX1400CNA, CX1500CNA, Q408UG, S435EA, T102HA, UX325JA, UX363JA, UX391FA, UX490UA, T3300KA, UM3402YA, UM5302TA, UX325SA, UX325UAZ, UX3402ZA, UX392FA, UX392FN, UX425IA, UX425SA, UX425UA, UX425UAZ, UX425UG, UX435EA, UX435EGL, X435EA
Dimensions EU: 63*63*28.5mm (Main Body)
US/TW/JP/CN/UK/AU/CH/IL/ZA:66*66*28.5mm (Main Body)
Weight EU: 218.6 g
US/TW/JP/CN: 218.8 g
UK/AU/CH/IL/ZA: 221.8g

Package Contents

  • Asus Power Adapter -Wallmount type
  • Power cord
  • Booklet
  • Users Manual