Creative Labs Chat USB Headset w/ Microphone

MX00119973 Chat USB Headset w/ Microphone
MX00119973 Chat USB Headset w/ Microphone MX00119973 Chat USB Headset w/ Microphone MX00119973 Chat USB Headset w/ Microphone

Product Info

Creative Chat USB – On-ear Headset with Swivel-to-mute Noise-cancelling Mic and SmartComms Kit

Get ready in seconds with Creative Chat USB, a dedicated USB-C on-ear headset for calls. It works with various platforms ranging from PC, Mac, to gaming consoles, and is compatible with most of the popular conference apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

From webinar presentations to conference calls, the headset delivers high-definition digital audio, as well as a noise-cancelling condenser microphone with the ability to effectively prioritize voice pickup over background noises. When you need to go hands-free during the call, SmartComms Kit's auto mute and two-way noise cancellation features double up as nifty tools while you navigate through your business pitch.

Focus on what matters and enjoy the added convenience for any online chat with Creative Chat USB's simple plug-and play interface, accessible swivel-to-mute microphone, and a built-in remote control.


Converse Clearly

The Creative Chat USB headset ensures clear quality and reliability with every call, made possible by a noise-cancelling boom microphone that has the ability to filter out unwanted ambient noise in loud environments. This allows you to focus better while capturing your voice effectively, so you can be heard clearly for an uninterrupted call experience.

Mute / Unmute with Ease

Don't get caught fumbling your way trying to mute or unmute yourself in a meeting. Simply pull the rotatable microphone down to unmute, and push it back up to its original position to mute. The swivel-to-mute function is easy to use and you will know exactly when you are muted. Alternatively, the Creative Chat USB also comes with a physical mic mute button on the inline remote to toggle between mic mute and unmute.

Hear Yourself Accurately

People have the tendency to speak louder than usual when they can't hear themselves; we know because we are guilty of it too. With the built-in mic-monitoring feature, press and hold to hear yourself clearly without the constant need to raise your voice. Speak as you would naturally and with confidence in any other calls with Creative Chat USB.

Communicate Smarter with SmartComms Kit

For Window® 10 users, you can download the Creative app and access the all-new SmartComms Kit!

Simplify the way you communicate with the help of a suite of smart communication features specially designed for online calls. With features such as VoiceDetect, which automatically detects your voice and automatically unmutes the mic as you speak, and NoiseClean, a feature that aptly cancels out any unwanted static background noises* during online chats, enjoy more productive and less disruptive calls with just a few clicks of a button.

* The NoiseClean features work best for static background noises such as fans, air conditioning, air purifier, humidifiers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric shavers, and even lawn mowers.

For Work and Play

With a convenient plug-and-play USB-C interface, the Creative Chat USB headset lets you enjoy enhanced digital audio quality without any interference! To start listening to music or engage in seamless voice chats, simply plug the headset into an available USB-C port on your PC or Mac.

Not forgetting cross-platform connectivity, Creative Chat USB also works with gaming consoles such as PS5™, PS4™, and Nintendo Switch™^! Don't worry if you only have access to USB-A ports, we have also included a USB-C to USB-A converter to get you started.

^ Voice communication is title-dependent

Intuitive Controls

Stay in control at all times with Creative Chat USB's intuitive inline remote! The convenient controls are right at your fingertips, so you can easily make volume and mic adjustments, play or pause music, and answer incoming calls* with a press of a button.

The LED indicator on the remote also lights up in red to provide quick confirmation of the mute feature when activated.

Outstanding Audio Performance

Engineered with a pair of 40 mm Neodymium drivers, the Creative Chat USB headset has been meticulously designed to deliver crystal clear audio clarity and impressive audio performance with a punchy bass! Whether it be for conference calls during work hours or entertainment breaks in between, you're all set to enjoy crystal clear audio playback all day.

Personalize Your Music

Listening to your favorite music is an intimate experience. Further up the ante of the USB-C headset and customize your EQ on the fly with graphic EQ customization, audio playback, and more via our all-in-one Creative app!

Comfortable Fit

Affixed with hyper-soft plush foam earpads and headband padding, Creative Chat USB is designed with a comfortable fit for long listening sessions and a lightweight metal body frame to complement all-day use. The USB-C headset also offers a flexible adjustable headband that will sits comfortably on your head.

Additional Information:

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  • Windows® 11, 10

System Requirements

  • Windows® OS
    • Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD® equivalent processor
    • Intel®, AMD, or 100% compatible motherboard
    • Microsoft Windows® 10 32 / 64-bit or higher
    • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port
  • macOS
    • Mac OS X® 10.14 or higher
    • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port
  • PS4
    • Firmware Version 6.0 or later
    • Available USB port
  • Nintendo Switch
    • Switch OS 5.0 or later
    • Available USB port (in docking mode)
    • Voice communications is title dependent
  • Android
    • Android OS Version 8.0 or later
    • Available USB-C port
    • Support audio streaming and mic path via USB-C port*
  • iPadOS/iOS Devices
    • iPad Pro (2018 models onwards)
    • iPadOS 13 or later
    • Available USB-C port
    • Support audio streaming and mic path via USB-C port


Product Wired USB Headset w/ Microphone
Part Number 51EF0980AA000
Colour Black
Driver 40mm w/ Neodymium magnets
Type On-ear
Frequency Response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Impedance (ohm) N/A
Sensitivity N/A
Input power N/A
In-Line Control Yes
Connectivity Wired
Interface USB-C
Cable Yes
Cable Length 2.1m / 6.9ft.
Frequency Response 100Hz ~ 10kHz
Sensitivity -42 dBV/Pa
Impedance (ohm) N/A
Signal-to-noise Ratio N/A
Pick-up Pattern N/A
Dimensions N/A
Weight 206g

Package Contents

  • Creative Chat USB Headset w/ Microphone
  • USB-C to USB-A Converter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Information