HTC Vive Tracker v3.0 (2022 Edition)

MX00119909 Vive Tracker v3.0 (2022 Edition)
MX00119909 Vive Tracker v3.0 (2022 Edition)

Product Info

Introducing the HTC VIVE Tracker v3.0: Go Beyond Controllers

Track movement and bring objects from the real world into the virtual universe!
The first. The one. The only VR tracker. Create a seamless connection between real objects and the virtual experience. Capture full-body movement with pinpoint accuracy. Integrate external devices with ease. Take your VR to a new level with the VIVE Tracker (3.0). Now smaller, lighter, and longer-lasting than ever before. Only from VIVE - the pioneer of VR.


  • 33% Smaller Than Ever!
    Small but mighty, Vive Tracker v3.0 gives you pocket-sized precision
  • 15% Lighter Than Ever!
    Lighter weight for easier handling, improved comfort, and more uses. Your favorite tracker just got even more versatile
  • 75% Longer Lasting Battery
    Work, train, and create for longer. Now up to 75% better battery life than the previous VIVE Tracker
  • For Fun
    Kick a ball, swing a sword, dance like no one's watching in VRChat. Bring a new dimension to play with VIVE Tracker-supported content
  • Full Body Tracking
    Use multiple trackers and recreate your real-life movements in VR with precise accuracy


Make and Model HTC VIVE Tracker v3.0
Part Number 99HASS001-00
Color Black
Field of View 240°
Tracker Support for SteamVR™ BS1.0 and BS2.0
Power Battery Powered
Battery Life: up to 7.5 Hours
Dimensions 71 x 79 x 44.1mm
Weight 75g

Package Contents

  • 1x HTC VIVE Tracker v3.0
  • 1x USB Type-A Dongle
  • 1x USB Type-C Cradle
  • 1x USB Type-C Cable