Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021 P8 | One-time Purchase, 1 Person, Product Key Code

MX00118867 Office Home & Student 2021 P8 | One-time Purchase, 1 Person, Product Key Code
MX00118867 Office Home & Student 2021 P8 | One-time Purchase, 1 Person, Product Key Code

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022
By: Gene Milone
From: Calgary, AB

Microsoft's latest Office version is in the sky, not on your computer and not worth getting.


Well, if you go through all the hoops you can get it to work ok. That is all that prevents me from giving this product a "very bad" rating.


1) If you hate working in "the cloud," you will hate this latest version of Office. 2) It is harder to access a document that you have been working on with a previous version, and, difficult or impossible to store it on your own computer. MS Office hijacks your document and may allow you access to it, if conditions are met. 3) Once you install this version, it wipes out your previous version. 4) If you undergo a trial before buying the new version but do not purchase it before the end of a very short trial period, you can access that document but you cannot edit it, a kind of hostage-taking. 5) The latest version of Word is less intuitive to use than Word 13. 6) I wanted to edit a document which I had made under Word 13; so when I went to open the document I found I could open it only with Wordpad, which has far less editing or displaying capability (I found that tables and figures tended to disappear).

Additional Comments:

Here is my advice: If you are committed to using MS Word, keep your older version. This one is not worth the effort or the expense of getting & installing it. I paid good money for this inferior product hoping it would be better. I deeply regret doing so. And as far as I can see there seems to be no easy mechanism to get your money or your old version back. If you need a new word processor, you might consider getting the latest version of WordPerfect. You can at least own and store your own documents on that product. The only thing wrong with that product is the great long registration numbers you have to enter .
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