Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition

MX00118833 ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition
MX00118833 ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition MX00118833 ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition MX00118833 ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition MX00118833 ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition

Product Info

Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses

Look beyond what's in front of you with ThinkReality A3 PC Edition, our augmented reality smart glasses for the enterprise. Connect these comfortable, customizable glasses to a compatible* Windows laptop (ThinkPad P1 Gens 1, 2, 3, 4; ThinkPad P15 Gens 1, 2; ThinkPad P17 Gens 1, 2; ThinkPad P53; ThinkPad P73) to create and expand your workspace anywhere. Advance productivity and transform your work across the enterprise.

*ThinkReality A3 PC Edition works only with compatible ThinkPad products; please see Features and Tech Specs for details.

  • Dual 1080p AR displays
  • One year Premier Support
  • 3 Microphones
  • Integrated Speakers
  • 8MP Camera
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom


Improve your company's work processes & bottom line

Use ThinkReality A3 smart glasses to increase efficiency and reduce errors as workers face new environments. Improve remote collaboration with guided workflows, add 3D visualization to immersive training, accelerate data analysis or enhance productivity efforts with virtual monitors. The more teams connect and collaborate, the more they succeed.

Create a custom workspace anywhere

No matter where you're working, ThinkReality A3 enables you to create and customize your workspace via augmented reality. Check out an immersive schematic or guided workflow from the factory floor. Set up multiple virtual monitors at your kitchen table. View secure data in the middle of a busy coffee shop. Place the virtual display(s) in the perfect location, then tilt, swivel, and lock in place.

Find your perfect fit

At 130g / 0.3lbs, these glasses are comfortable and light. And they were designed for tool-free modularity, with simple yet secure detents that allow you to customize them to your head size with multiple nosepieces and ear horn extensions. ThinkReality A3 even adapts to different use cases, based on whether you connect it to a laptop for office work or smartphone for field work.

Your eyes will be as safe as your data

ThinkReality A3's safety lenses provide eye protection compliant with ANSI Z87.1 standards. Swap out the front frames and lenses and choose appropriate tint levels and side shielding—while maintaining optimal ergonomics. You can also use prescription lenses mounted to the nosepiece for a single assembly, then easily remove them if someone else uses the same A3.

PC Edition compatibility

The multimonitor and multi-application workflows of the ThinkReality A3 can tax a laptop's performance; you need to connect them to a PC with the high-performance capabilities of multi-threaded CPUs and dedicated GPUs. ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations are fast and powerful, delivering the most efficient, seamless user experience. Please see Tech Specs for a list of compatible models.

Additional Information:

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Make and Model Lenovo ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses PC Edition
Part Number 20V7Z9AKXX
Color Black
Processor Qualcomm XR-1 SmartViewer
Resolution Dual 1080p AR displays
Brightness 200 nits
Camera 8MP RGB
Audio 3 noise-suppressing microphones
Stereo speakers
Connectivity USB-C Gen 1
DisplayPort 1.4
Compatible Mobile Workstations ThinkPad P1 Gen 1
ThinkPad P1 Gen 2
ThinkPad P1 Gen 3
ThinkPad P1 Gen 4
ThinkPad P15 Gen 1
ThinkPad P15 Gen 2
ThinkPad P17 Gen 1
ThinkPad P17 Gen 2
ThinkPad P53
ThinkPad P73
Compatible Smartphone moto g100
Compliance ANSI Z87.1
Software Features Voice recognition
Object recognition
Image recognition
Head / gaze tracking
Barcode reader
High-bandwidth digital content protection (HDCP) for digital rights management (DRM)
Dimensions N/A
Weight 130g / 0.3 lbs

Package Contents

  • ThinkReality A3 Glasses
  • Temples/nose bridges (3 sizes)
  • Prescription insert template
  • USB Cable