Elgato Wave Panels Starter Kit, Black

MX00117590 Wave Panels Starter Kit, Black
MX00117590 Wave Panels Starter Kit, Black MX00117590 Wave Panels Starter Kit, Black MX00117590 Wave Panels Starter Kit, Black

Product Info

Wave Panels – Acoustic Treatment Foam

With dual density foam construction, proprietary EasyClick Frames and a modular design, Wave Panels transform any space into a professional acoustic environment.


Studio-quality Acoustics for Any Space

You've dialed in your filters and tweaked your equalizer. Now fine-tune your space for that superior sound and feel.

Set Up in a Snap

Proprietary EasyClick Frames make installation quick and effortless. Simply snap them together to create a constellation. Because Wave Panels are light as feathers, constellations can be mounted on one or two screws. Sometimes the supplied tesa® adhesive strips are enough.

Limitless Customization

A hexagonal profile means Wave Panels can be configured to suit any space. Create multiple constellations, design unique shapes, and easily mix or swap out colors to personalize your setup.

Dual Density Construction

Low-density ripple foam dampens the high end. High-density fiber tames the lows and mids. Plus a concealed air pocket provides additional sound trapping. The result is all-round tonal balance for a superior broadcasting and listening experience.

Equalize Your Room

The rewards of acoustic treatment are powerful. Vocals become big and airy, music reveals greater detail, movies sound epic and games true to life. Wave Panels are designed to make installation easier than ever. Even a few will change the way you create and experience audio.

Easy On, Easy Off

Gone are the days of gluing foam tiles to walls, then ripping them off when it's time to move. With the supplied tesa® adhesive strips and one or two screws, Wave Panels are easy to mount and just as easy to relocate.

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Product Wave Panels Starter Kit
Part Number 10AAJ9901
Color Black
Materials Panel: PU (Polyurethane) & PES (Polyester, Cross-lapped)
Frame: Composite Plastic
Dimensions 491 x 426 x 47 mm (19.33" x 16.77" x 1.85") (per panel)
Weight 250g (per panel)
50g (per frame)

Package Contents

  • Elgato Wave Panels Starter Kit, Black
    • 6 x Wave Panels (3x Design A, 3x Design B)
    • 6 x EasyClick Frames
    • 10 x EasyClick Connectors
    • 12 x Screws and Anchors
    • 12 x tesa® Adhesive Strips
  • Quick Start Guide