Lian Li ARGB Device Cables Kit, Black

MX00117218 ARGB Device Cables Kit, Black
MX00117218 ARGB Device Cables Kit, Black

Product Info

Connecting More Lian Li ARGB Devices At Once Starts Now

The ARGB Device Cable Kit lets you take control of more LIAN LI ARGB products either via the Uni Hub or via synchronization with the motherboard. With 5 types of cables, 2 of each, the ARGB Device Cable Kit is the solution to connect all the devices required for an outstanding build.


Fan Y Cable

One PWM header to control multiple fan speeds. The Fan Y Cable supports two PWM fans to be controlled from one PWM header on the motherboard. Moreover, two cables can be daisy-chained to connect up to 3 ST120 or Bora Digital fans on a single motherboard fan header. (Please make sure to set the motherboard header to PWM mode in the BIOS.)

Motherboard Adapter Y-Type Cable

The motherboard adapter Y-type cable is for users wanting to connect the UNI Fans directly to the motherboard, bypassing the UNI Hub. The cable is compatible with ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, and AsRock Addressable RGB motherboards.

Note: It may cause Strimer Plus 8/24/TRIPLE 8 PINS LEDs glimmer due to insufficient signal from motherboard when trying to synchronize with the motherboard, during this specific connection.
If user would like to synchronize the Strimer Plus 8/24/TRIPLE 8 PINS LEDs with the motherboard, recommend to connect Strimer Plus controller 5v header directly to the motherboard.

Additional Information:

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  • Strimer/ Strimer Plus/ Galahad AIO/ ST120/ Bora Digital/ LANCOOL II Side Diffused LED Strip/ O11D XL light bar/ DK-04F & 05F light bar


Product ARGB Device Cable Kits
Part Number UF-EX
Colour Black
Cable(s) 10 cables:
Fan Y Cables
Motherboard Adapter Y-Type Cables
Y-Type 3P Signal Cables
Lightbar Extension Cables (3P)
Fan LED Extension Cables (4P)
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A