Lian Li O11D MINI Vertical GPU Bracket Kit, Black w/ PCI-E Gen4 Riser Cable

MX00117213 O11D MINI Vertical GPU Bracket Kit, Black w/ PCI-E Gen4 Riser Cable
MX00117213 O11D MINI Vertical GPU Bracket Kit, Black w/ PCI-E Gen4 Riser Cable

Product Info

Lian Li's O11D MINI: Vertical Graphics Card Bracket Kit w/ PCIe Riser Cable

Vertical GPU mount accessory for the black and white O11D MINI which includes a 200mm long PCIe Gen3 or Gen4 x16 riser cable. Allows showing graphic card with simple installation and different configurations. Available in black and white.


Simply Installation

Replace the back panel of O11D MINI with the Vertical GPU Bracket Kit to display the front design of the graphics card. Simply remove the modular back panel of O11D MINI and mount the bracket on.

2 Optional Configuration Modes

The vertical GPU bracket kit back panel can be adjusted up and down, providing more clearance for the fans and radiator installed at the bottom of the case. This sets the motherboard location in an O11D MINI 7 slots mode or 5 slots mode.

Gen 4.0 PCI-E Riser Cable

The latest PCIe 4.0 supports transfer rates of 16GT/s bit rate. While providing double the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0, the Gen 4.0 riser cable remains backward compatible with a maximum transfer speed, offers great performance, and shows off the GPU at a great new angle.

Note: In the condition of using the included riser cable (PCIE 3.0) with a PCIE 4.0 motherboard and a PCIE 4.0 GPU, please follow bellow steps to set up your BIOS to make it compatible.
1.Make sure that your motherboard BIOS is the latest version. If not, recommend to update to the latest version.
2. Install your GPU directly to the motherboard and start.
3. Enter your BIOS, set the PCIE slot from "Auto" to "Gen 3". (Example photo as below, for more please read the manual of your motherboard)
4. Save your settings and turn off the system.
5. Install the PCIE 3.0 riser cable to the motherboard and the GPU, the system would be able to work.

Additional Information:

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Product Vertical Graphics Card Holder w/ PCI-E Riser Cable
Part Number O11DMINI-1X-4
Color Black
Material SPCC Steel
Thickness: 1mm
Interface PCI-E x16
Data Transmission Speed N/A
Expansion Slots 3 slots
Cable PCIe 4.0 cable
Cable Length: 200mm
Dimensions (WxHxD) 191.5 x 272.5 x 180 mm
Weight N/A