Dr. Battery AC20V90V2 AC Power Adapter for Notebooks

MX00116985 AC20V90V2 AC Power Adapter for Notebooks
MX00116985 AC20V90V2 AC Power Adapter for Notebooks MX00116985 AC20V90V2 AC Power Adapter for Notebooks

Product Info

External AC Power Adapter For Selected Lenovo / HP / Dell Laptops

Replace your lost or damaged Notebook Power Adapter with one from Dr. Battery! This power adapter is compatible with various Lenovo Flex laptops.


  • Replacement Notebook Adapter for Lenovo Flex 5-1570 80XB000PCFC Laptops
  • Works as a replacement or second power adapter for select Lenovo, HP, or Dell Laptops that spend time at two regular locations, like home and office
  • Allows you to stop carrying your power adapter back and forth every day


Designed to charge & power these Dell / HP / Lenovo Laptops:
Dell 14-5439 5439 E6430
P41G V5460 V5470
V5560 Vostro 5460 Vostro 5460D
Vostro 5460D-1316 Vostro 5460D-1318 Vostro 5460D-1516
Vostro 5460D-2328S Vostro 5460D-2528S Vostro 5470
Vostro 5470 Vostro 5560 Vostro 5560D
HP Envy 14-3000 Envy 14-3000ea Envy 14-3000eg
Envy 14-3000ex Envy 14-3001tu Envy 14-3001xx
Envy 14-3002tu Envy 14-3003tu Envy 14-3004tu
Envy 14-3005tu Envy 14-3006tu Envy 14-3007tu
Envy 14-3008tu Envy 14-3009tu Envy 14-3010nr
Envy 14-3010tu Envy 14-3011tu Envy 14-3012tu
Envy 14-3013tu Envy 14-3014tu Envy 14-3015tu
Envy 14-3017nr Envy 14-3017tu Envy 14-3018tu
Envy 14-3070ez Envy 14-3090ca Envy 14-3090la
Envy 14-3100CTO Envy 14-3100ea Envy 14-3100eb
Envy 14-3100ed Envy 14-3100ee Envy 14-3100ef
Envy 14-3100eg Envy 14-3100el Envy 14-3100en
Envy 14-3100eo Envy 14-3100er Envy 14-3100es
Envy 14-3100et Envy 14-3100er Envy 14-3100es
Envy 14-3100et Envy 14-3100ew Envy 14-3100ex
Envy 14-3100la Envy 14-3190la Envy 14t-3000
Envy 14t-3000CTO Envy 14t-3100 Envy Spectre 14-3000ea
Envy Spectre 14-3101tu Envy Spectre 14-3102tu Envy Spectre 14-3103tu
Envy Spectre 14-3104tu Envy Spectre 14-3105tu Envy Spectre 14-3106tu
Envy Spectre 14-31017tu Envy Spectre 14-3108tu Envy Spectre 14-3109tu
Envy Spectre 14-3110tu Envy Spectre 14-3111tu Envy Spectre 14-3112tu
Envy Spectre 14-3113tu Envy Spectre 14-3114tu Envy Spectre 14-3115tu
Envy Spectre 14-3200ef   
Lenovo 100s Chromebook 100s Chromebook 11 80QN  
100s Chromebook-11IBY 100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0000US 100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0001US
100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0002US100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0006CF 100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0007CF
100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0008CF100s Chromebook-11IBY 80QN0009US Chromebook 100S
Chromebook 100S-11IBR Chromebook N22 Chromebook N22 Chromebook N22 80SF0000US
Chromebook N22 80SF0001US Chromebook N22 80VH0000US Chromebook N22 80VH0001US
Chromebook N22-20 Chromebook N23 Chromebook N42
Flex 4 Flex 4 11 1130 Flex 4 1480
Flex 4 1580 Flex 4-1130  
Flex 4-1470 Flex 4-1470 (#80SA) Flex 4-1470 80SA0000US
Flex 4-1470 80SA000GCF Flex 4-1570 Flex 4-1570 (#80SB)
Flex 4-1580 80VE0000US Flex 4-1580 80VE0003US Flex 4-1580 80VE000CUS
Flex 4-1580 80VE000EUS Flex 5 (14 Inch) Flex 5 (15 Inch)
Flex 5 1470/B50-10 Flex 5-1470 80XA0001US Flex 5-1470 80XA0002US
Flex 5-1570 80XB000KUS Flex 5-1570 80XB000PCF Flex 5-1570 80XB000QUS
Flex 5-1570 80XB000YCF Flex 5-1570 80XB0012US IdeaPad 100 80QQ
Ideapad 100-14IBD Ideapad 100-14IBD 80RK Ideapad 100-14IBD 80RK002UIH
Ideapad 100-14IBD 80RK002WVN14 Ideapad 100-14IBY Ideapad 100-14IBY 20563
Ideapad 100-14IBY 20643 Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH000XUS Ideapad 100-14IBY 80MH000YUS
IdeaPad 100-15IBY 80MJ00CQGE    
Dell ADP90-LD D CT84V DA9OPM111
LA9OPM111 NA9002WBB PA-1900-32
PA1900-32D4 YD9W8 YY20N


Part Number AC20V90V2
Color Black
Input Voltage AC100 ~ 240Vac / 50 ~ 60Hz, 3.25A/4.5A
Output Voltage 20V
Total Output 90W
Output Connector(s) Round-tip
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A
  1. Note: Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible at time of purchase.

Package Contents

  • Dr. Battery AC20V90V2 External AC Power Adapter for Laptops, 90W
  • User Information