Micro Connectors Premium Sleeved PSU Cable Extension Kit, White

MX00116188 Premium Sleeved PSU Cable Extension Kit, White
MX00116188 Premium Sleeved PSU Cable Extension Kit, White

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021
By: Mr. S
From: Winnipeg

Up to you mate.


Memory Express’s costumer service is THE BEST coz they give me back my money when i asked for a refund


Putting the cable on the extension is a nightmare. Also just when i thought one cable connector slipped in nicely, one of the cable got shoved back.

Additional Comments:

Yeah unless u want a dead mobo or gpu make sure ya cables are fine and slugged.
Wednesday, April 7, 2021
By: Ken A.
From: Calgary, AB

Cheap accents vs the Themaltakes


- Cheap - Adds color accents - Looks decent


- Some wires don't install nicely (4+4EPS extension is hard to put in the upper left corner) - Adds too much slack and have to stuff the extra somewhere in the case. - Wires are plasticky rather than cloth-like - Need to use multiple combs to stop certain wires going astray to make the build look clean.

Additional Comments:

Easy way to add some splash to your PC build in comparison to the Thermaltakes extension mods (those were supposed to be cheap from the US but somehow became as expensive as cablemods up in Canada). Adding the extension cables is pretty easy, just frustrating for cable management (Yay rat's nest behind the back panel!). The only cable that was tough was the CPU cable (4+4 EPS extension) since it just flops around and is already hard to install on the upper left of the motherboard. Other than that, very decent product to add a consistent theme to my mostly white PC build.
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