Dr. Battery ACUSBC65 USB-C AC Power Adapter for Asus Laptops, 65W

MX00115238 ACUSBC65 USB-C AC Power Adapter for Asus Laptops, 65W
MX00115238 ACUSBC65 USB-C AC Power Adapter for Asus Laptops, 65W

Product Info

External AC Power Adapter For Selected Asus Laptops

Replace your lost or damaged Notebook Power Adapter with one from Dr. Battery! This power adapter is compatible with various Asus Latitude laptops and some other laptops as well.


  • Replacement Notebook Adapter for Asus laptops
  • Works as a replacement or second power adapter for select Laptops that spend time at two regular locations, like home and office
  • Allows you to stop carrying your power adapter back and forth every day


Designed to charge & power these Acer Laptops:
B9440U B9440UAB9440UA-GV0005R
B9440UA-GV0046R B9440UA-GV0053TB9440UA-GV0054R
B9440UA-GV0068R B9440UA-GV0070R B9440UA-GV0073R
B9440UA-GV0101T B9440UA-GV0131RB9440UA-GV0132R
B9440UA-GV0235TB9440UA-GV0303R B9440UA-GV0342T
B9440UA-GV0389RB9440UA-GV0409R B9440UA-GV0450R
B9440UA-GV9094RB9440UA-GV9102T B9440UA-GV9103T
C213CAC213SA-YS02 C302C
C302CA-DHM4C302CA-GU001Chromebook Flip C213
Chromebook Flip C213NA-0041AN3350Chromebook Flip C213NA-BU0033-OSSChromebook 512 C851-C9CF
Chromebook 512 C851T-C253Chromebook 512 C851T-P5DBChromebook Flip C213NA-BU0039
Chromebook Flip C213NA-BU0048Chromebook Flip C213NA-BW0034Chromebook Flip C213NA-BW0034-OSS
Chromebook Flip C213SAChromebook Flip C213SA-YS02 T303U
T303UA T303UA-DH54T T305C
T305CA T305CA-3A T305CA-3G
T305CA7Y30-0C4GXNQJT20Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN027TTransformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN028R
Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN032R Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN040T Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN041R
Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN043RTransformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN045RTransformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN047R
Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN050TTransformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN053TTransformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN060R
Transformer 3 Pro T303UA-GN063TTransformer 3 T305CATransformer 3 T305CA-GW002T
Transformer 3 T305CA-GW006TTransformer 3 T305CA-GW007T Transformer 3 T305CA-GW015T
Transformer 3 T305CA-GW016TTransformer 3 T305CA-GW019TTransformer 3 T305CA-GW023T
Transformer 3 T305CA-GW052R Transformer 3 T305CA-GW055TTransformer 3 T305CA-GW063T
UX390UA-1A UX390UA-1B UX390UA-1C
UX490UA-IH74-BL UX490UA-XH74-BLZenBook 3 UX390UA-GS041T
Zenbook Flip S UX370UA C4196RZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4058TZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4059R
ZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4059TZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4060R ZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4060T
ZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4061TZenbook Flip S UX370UA-C4104TZenbook Flip S UX370UA-C4122T
ZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4129TZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4131TZenbook Flip S UX370UA-C4136R
ZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4147TZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4148TZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4190R
Zenbook Flip S UX370UA-C4195TZenBook Flip S UX370UA-C4202T 


Part Number ACUSBC65
Color Black
Input Voltage 110 ~ 240Vac / 50 ~ 60Hz, 2A
Output Voltage DC 5~20V / 2.25~3.25A max
Total Output 65W
Output Connector(s) USB-C
US plug
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • Dr. Battery ACUSBC65 USB-C External AC Power Adapter, 65W
  • AC Power Cable