Synology DS1621+ DiskStation NAS

MX00114570 DS1621+ DiskStation NAS
MX00114570 DS1621+ DiskStation NAS MX00114570 DS1621+ DiskStation NAS MX00114570 DS1621+ DiskStation NAS MX00114570 DS1621+ DiskStation NAS

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Monday, March 22, 2021
By: Sean
From: E

Exceeded expectations, best IT investment made in past decade.


2 year manufacturer warranty. BTRFS file system prevents bitrot. Scheduled snapshots very easy to set up. Can run docker containers. x64 architecture makes it easy to find compatible docker containers (compared to ARM based NAS systems). NVME read cache is blazing fast, experiencing 90% hit rate. 4 network ports for link aggregation, 4 machines can access with full gigabit each. supports 10gbe cards from synology & intel. BTRFS snapshots. Automatic scheduled snapshots act as protection against ransomware on infecting client computers. snapshot restoration is self-service, showing up as a special folder in network shares with folders for each snapshot. Synology backup for business agent is working well on windows clients and includes good documentation on restoration procedures. Differential backups for windows computer drive images. 4 core processor. Automated backups to USB drive. Optional expander units. TRIM support for SATA SSD drives set up as volumes.


It's hard to find SODIM ECC ram sticks and memex doesn't carry them so stuck with 4GB for now. NVME write cache is scary, don't enable it because it's reported to render storage pools defunct when one nvme drive fails. Getting link aggregation working requires a managed router. Can't use SATA SSD drives as read cache, must be nvme. Must shut down the unit and remove all of the 3.5" disks to access the nvme ports inside for nvme cache installation, wish they were accessible from some removable cover and the drives could be left in place during the process.

Additional Comments:

Memex is telling me "stengths must be 1000 characters or less", which means this thing's awesome. Replaced a QNAP that cratered itself due to bitrot in the OS system. BTRFS data checksumming protecting this type of bit rot was the primary reason I went with Synology, having experience with FreeNAS and it's ability to do the same with ZFS. This unit has exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect the NVME read cache to work so well, speading up file access when multiple people are accessing the NAS at the same time over the 4 aggregated gigabit ports, getting full gigabit file transfers from the same spinning volumes for 4 people simultaneously, very impressive. It's a simple to use docker container host and the containers are also backed by the same BTRFS file system. Running write heavy docker containers from SATA SSD so that they don't impact the performance of network volume shares. The synology backup for business was a pleasant surprise and is now serving as our windows system backup software, saving us money anually on third party software. I've tested disaster recovery on one of the windows desktops and Synology's PDF documentation on backup for business was spot on and got it up and running without issue. You have to create a boot disk from an ISO provided by synology which serves double-duty as an official windows recovery image so you can do all the steps required from the one bootable USB. This unit has saved us a lot of time and trouble and we have more peace of mind compared to before. Highly recommended investment.
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