Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse, Matte Black

MX00114243 Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse, Matte Black
MX00114243 Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse, Matte Black MX00114243 Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse, Matte Black MX00114243 Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse, Matte Black MX00114243 Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse, Matte Black

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Tuesday, February 02, 2021
By: Brenden
From: Edmonton

Quality control!


-wireless with great connection -customizable -light


Quality control is badd, bought this mouse and with in 2-3 weeks the macros stopped responding to the side buttons the program to control all of this was horrible user experience too, the none wireless model o (my current mouse now) had a great software so I bought the wireless one thinking the same thing but my right click button was squeaking and the side buttons stopped responding to macros in the software, the charging cable seemed to only go in one day and with lights on I could only get around 1 days use out of the mouse which was usable but annoying if you forgot to plug it in!

Additional Comments:

If you get a good batch you will still have to deal with charging it and dealing with the bad software but the software would be updated and would be worth if you got a good quality mouse if it stops working like mine did then it’s not worth it, kinda random but it’s worth those downsides(like software and charging) for wireless if it works and doesn’t stop responding to macros and such as I listed above, overall I’ll still be using this mouse and I’ll return and rma until I get one I was promised while purchasing it!
Friday, January 15, 2021
By: Christopher
From: Calgary

Sticky and squeaky buttons


Nice shape, cool RGB, great sensor, and it's much lighter than the other wireless lightweight mice that I own.


Very poor quality control. Battery doesn't seem to last that long even with the RGB turned way down. Mushy clicks on my model.

Additional Comments:

I had this mouse for about two weeks, no issues. Then, today, out of nowhere, the right mouse button just started squeaking very loudly and would stick. This is the second Model O (I also owned the wired version) that I have had major issues with. I purchased the the warranty for this mouse, but I honestly don't even want to bother with it. I wouldn't even feel right selling this to another person. I'm done with Glorious products at this point.
Thursday, January 07, 2021
By: Philippe-Olivier Dupuis
From: New-Brunswick

So far so good!

Additional Comments:

Took about a week to receive it. So far everything work well. No weird sound, no rattling. I totallly love it.
Thursday, January 07, 2021
By: Brad
From: Toronto

Mouse wheel issues

Additional Comments:

The mouse was good for a few weeks before the wheel started squeaking horribly. Now the scroll wheel randomly started to scroll up for no reason. Lubed the wheel as Glorious support suggested but it didn't help the problem at all. There seems to be some quality issues with this model.
Friday, January 01, 2021
By: L
From: Calgary

Was a great mouse

Additional Comments:

After watching reviews on this mouse, I decided to purchase this mouse. Was a great mouse until the RMB started to squeak/felt sticky/ not being responsive. Most disappointing part was I just recently brought it and only game a few hours on it.
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