Returns & Warranty Updates

Updated Returns / Warranty policies to address Cryptocurrency Mining / Farming

With the rise of cryptocurrency mining & farming, we have updated our returns, warranty & IPR policies to address the premature failure of computer hardware/components due to excessive wear or uses outside their intended purpose.

Effective immediately, returns, exchanges, and warranty may be denied / void for products with excessive wear or products used outside their intended purpose (i.e cryptocurrency mining / farming).

Products will be TESTED before the return / warranty is approved, and if parameters (Power On Hours, Terabytes Written, etc; ) exceed nominal usage, the return / warranty may be denied.


SSD's Terabytes Written (TBW) limits for returns

SSDs under 2TB - 10% of manufacturer's TBW rating
SSDs 2TB and over - 5% of manufacturer's TBW rating

If the Terabytes Written (TBW) exceed the above figures for SSD's with the returns period, the returns / exchange will be denied


Customers who fall into the above category can still submit their warranty claims directly with the manufacturer however many manufacturers currently have similar policies in place.

For most customers there should be no changes to our previous return / warranty policies; we will continue to honor returns and warranty for products that are used as intended under our standard returns, warranty, and IPR policy.

See our Returns and Warranty page for our Returns and Warrany policies