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Intel Anti-Theft Service for Laptops, 1 Laptop, 1 Year

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Designed with software and hardware based security features built right in, you can lockdown your lost or stolen Ultrabook™ or laptop remotely and securely.

Feel secure in your digital life. Protect personal data with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology.

Feeling secure in your digital life with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology
Protect your personal data with innovative, built-in software and hardware based security features that let you quickly lock down your lost or stolen Ultrabook™ or laptop remotely.


Keeping Your Personal Data Personal

Take command of data protection, from just about anywhere
featureIf your laptop goes missing, rest assured that your data is safe. With powerful built-in hardware-based technology, you can render it inoperable by sending a lock command from almost anywhere, anytime. Or set up automated security check-ins via the Internet. If your laptop fails to check-in at its scheduled times, it will automatically lock down. And once your laptop is in lock-down mode, your data is secure even if the hard drive is removed or reformatted. When your laptop is found, recovery is quick and easy with a security passcode, and without any damage to your digital content.

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology is available on all Ultrabooks™ and many Intel® Core™ processor-powered laptops.

  • Detects Theft
    Your laptop will automatically lock down if it misses its scheduled check-in time
  • Locks Down Hardware
    Built-in hardware-based technology renders removing or reformatting the hard drive useless
  • Quickly Restores Data
    Upon recovery, laptop functionality is quickly restored using a one-time password, without damage to the data

It's Not Your Laptop; It's Your Business

Protect your corporate assets today, with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology.

There is significant risk exposure when employees lose a laptop
Intel® Anti-Theft Technology1 (Intel® AT) is hardware-based technology that can lock a lost or stolen laptop so that company confidential information is protected and inaccessible by unauthorized users.

Intel Anti-Theft Technology is available on all Ultrabook™ devices and on many Intel® Core™ vPro™ and Intel® Core™ processor–powered laptops.

Anti-theft technology from Intel: How it works
featureIntel AT works with other security solutions, such as data encryption, to provide a multi-layered security so that if one layer of security is breached, another layer of protection is readily available.

Businesses can deploy and manage Intel AT using available software solutions and services.

When a business deploys an anti-theft solution, a lost laptop can be disabled to help protect sensitive information stored on the device's hard drive by either using local hardware timers or by using a web request from IT administrators. If the laptop is recovered, it can quickly be reactivated to full functionality.

Protect Business Data with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology
There are multiple solutions available today from third parties that are enabled with Intel Anti-Theft Technology. These solutions feature flexible service delivery models to fit your enterprise IT requirements and can be managed within existing IT management workflows.

It's not just a laptop, it's your business. Lock it tight with Intel Anti-Theft Technology.


Software Type Anti-Theft Laptop Data Protection
Security Software & Hardware based security features
Software Term 1 Year from Date of Activation
30 Day Limited Warranty

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