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Monster CleanTouch w/ Monster Clean Cloth for Portable Devices

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Safely Clean your Tablet, eBook, or Smartphone Touchscreen with Monster® CleanTouch™

The Safe, Effective Way to Clean Touchscreens

Touchscreen tablets, ebooks, and smartphones bring you a world of information, communication, and entertainment. But the more you use them, the more their screens gets covered with dirt, dust, smudges, and especially fingerprints. Monster CleanTouch safely clears away the mess without streaking, staining, or dripping for the clearest view on all your touchscreens.

Microthin Coating Resists Fingerprints and Scratches

The CleanTouch Pen not only removes fingerprints, oils, and smudges, it leaves a microthin coating on your screen that resists scratches and fingerprint buildup. Polymers in the formula adhere to the screen and prevent fingerprints from attaching directly to the screen, so the screen is easier to clean and doesn't have to be cleaned as often.

Advanced Solution Removes Fingerprints Without Harming Screen

Unlike ordinary glass and household cleaners, CleanTouch is alcohol- and ammonia-free and won't damage delicate screen coatings. It safely cleans touchscreens and is specially formulated to not drip into sensitive electronics.

Antimicrobial Protection by AEGIS™ Stops Germs and Bacteria Where They Grow

Dirt, dust and fingerprints also attract bacteria and germs that can easily spread to your hands and face. The Monster Clean Cloth™ with antimicrobial AEGIS technology controls bacteria, germs, and other microbes so your touchscreens are clean and safe.

Ideal Size and Shape for Easy Packing

The 20 mL bottle features a super thin design that easily fits in a bag, purse, or pocket. It's also TSA compliant, so you can take it anywhere. A convenient carry pouch for the bottle and the 6" x 6" microfiber Clean Cloth is included.


  • Includes 20 mL bottle of CleanTouch, a 150 x 150mm (6 x 6") microfiber Clean Cloth™, and carrying pouch
  • Safely removes dirt, dust, smudges, and fingerprints from your tablets, e-books, and smartphones.
  • Alcohol- and ammonia-free solution won't harm delicate screen coatings
  • Leaves invisible fingerprint-resistant coating
  • Antimicrobial Clean Cloth controls spread of germs and bacteria


Designed to work with all SmartPhones, Tablets, eBooks and other Portable Media Products with Touchscreens.

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