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Clearance Centre: Dr. Battery LLN276 Replacement Notebook Battery for Select Lenovo Edge 2 and IdeaPad Flex 3 Series Laptops

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Regular Price $119.99
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Clearance Information:
Warranty: Final Sales
Quantity Available: 1
Location: Saskatoon
Comments: Refurbished by manufacturer
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  • SKU: MX70765
  • ILC: LLN276
  • Part #: LLN276
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Product Info

Dr.Battery's Replacement Battery for Select LENOVO Edge 2 & IdeaPad Flex 3 Series Laptops

Replace your lost or old Laptop Battery with one from Dr.Battery! This replacement Battery is compatible with select LENOVO Edge 2 & IdeaPad Flex 3 Series Laptops.


  • Works as a replacement Battery, or as a second Battery for select LENOVO Edge 2 & IdeaPad Flex 3 Series Laptops
  • Adding a second Battery allows you to effectively double your Laptop's Battery Life


Designed to replace LENOVO Batteries with this Part Number:



Designed to Charge & Power these LENOVO Laptops:

Edge 2-1580
Edge 2-1580 80QF0007US
IdeaPad Flex 3 14
IdeaPad Flex 3 14 14.0
IdeaPad Flex 3 15 15.6
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK0014US
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001BUS
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001CUS
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001DUS
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001ECF
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001GUS
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001JUS
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001LCF
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001NCF
IdeaPad Flex 3-1470 80JK001PCF
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R30004US
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R30005US
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R30006US
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R30007US
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R30009US
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R3000BUS
IdeaPad Flex 3-1480 80R3000CUS


Make and Model Dr.Battery LLN276 Replacement Notebook Battery
Color Black
Cell Type Conventional Li-Polymer
Battery Output 11.1Vdc @ 4050mAh
Total Capacity 45Wh
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1x Dr.Battery LLN276 Replacement Battery
30 Day Limited Warranty

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