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Regular Price $59.99
Clearance Discount ($18.00)   30%
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Quantity Available: 1
Location: Victoria
Comments: Out of warranty
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  • SKU: MX62023
  • ILC: LHP274
  • Part #: LHP274
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Product Info

External Power Adapter For Selected HP Laptops

Replacement 14.8 Volt, 2200mAh Li-ion Battery for HP Notebooks.


As a replacement or as a spare, Dr Battery's Replacement Batteries get the job done.

To guarantee compatibility, Memory Express suggests bringing in your Notebook and existing Battery together when you purchase a replacement or spare battery .


Compatible Part Numbers

The LHP274 Battery is designed for these HP Notebooks:

Compatible Notebooks
Pavilion 14-ab001tuPavilion 14-ab001tx Pavilion 14-ab002tx
Pavilion 14-ab003tuPavilion 14-ab003tx Pavilion 14-ab004tx
Pavilion 14-ab005tu Pavilion 14-ab005tx Pavilion 14-ab006tu
Pavilion 14-ab007laPavilion 14-ab007txPavilion 14-ab008tu
Pavilion 14-ab008txPavilion 14-ab009txPavilion 14-ab010tx
Pavilion 14-ab011txPavilion 14-ab012tuPavilion 14-ab012tx
Pavilion 14-ab013tu Pavilion 14-ab013txPavilion 14-ab014tu
Pavilion 14-ab014txPavilion 14-ab015tuPavilion 14-ab016tu
Pavilion 14-ab017tuPavilion 14-ab018tuPavilion 14-ab018tx
Pavilion 14-ab019laPavilion 14-ab019tuPavilion 14-ab019tx
Pavilion 14-ab020tuPavilion 14-ab020txPavilion 14-ab021la
Pavilion 14-ab021tu Pavilion 14-ab021tx Pavilion 14-ab022tu
Pavilion 14-ab022txPavilion 14-ab023tuPavilion 14-ab023tx
Pavilion 14-ab024txPavilion 14-ab025tx Pavilion 14-ab026tx
Pavilion 14-ab027txPavilion 14-ab028txPavilion 14-ab033tx
Pavilion 14-ab034txPavilion 14-ab035tx Pavilion 14-ab036tx
Pavilion 14-ab037txPavilion 14-ab038txPavilion 14-ab039tx
Pavilion 14-ab040txPavilion 14-ab041txPavilion 14-ab042tx
Pavilion 14-ab043txPavilion 14-ab045txPavilion 14-ab046tx
Pavilion 14-ab047tx Pavilion 14-ab048txPavilion 14-ab049tx
Pavilion 14-ab050txPavilion 14-ab051txPavilion 14-ab052tx
Pavilion 14-ab053txPavilion 14-ab054caPavilion 14-ab055tx
Pavilion 14-ab057caPavilion 14-ab058txPavilion 14-ab059tx
Pavilion 14-ab066usPavilion 14-ab084caPavilion 14t-ab000 CTO
Pavilion 15-ab000naPavilion 15-ab000ncPavilion 15-ab000nk
Pavilion 15-ab000nvPavilion 15-ab000urPavilion 15-ab001au
Pavilion 15-ab001naPavilion 15-ab001nhPavilion 15-ab001nia
Pavilion 15-ab001njPavilion 15-ab001nk Pavilion 15-ab001np
Pavilion 15-ab001nvPavilion 15-ab001tuPavilion 15-ab001tx
Pavilion 15-ab002auPavilion 15-ab002nfPavilion 15-ab002nh
Pavilion 15-ab002niaPavilion 15-ab002njPavilion 15-ab002nk
Pavilion 15-ab002npPavilion 15-ab002nq Pavilion 15-ab002ns
Pavilion 15-ab002tu Pavilion 15-ab002txPavilion 15-ab002ur
Pavilion 15-ab003nhPavilion 15-ab003nia Pavilion 15-ab003nj
Pavilion 15-ab003tuPavilion 15-ab003txPavilion 15-ab003ur
Pavilion 15-ab004laPavilion 15-ab004na Pavilion 15-ab004nc
Pavilion 15-ab004nhPavilion 15-ab004njPavilion 15-ab004nk
Pavilion 15-ab004tu Pavilion 15-ab004tx Pavilion 15-ab004ur
Pavilion 15-ab005nfPavilion 15-ab005nkPavilion 15-ab005tx
Pavilion 15-ab005urPavilion 15-ab006nj Pavilion 15-ab006nq
Pavilion 15-ab006txPavilion 15-ab006ur Pavilion 15-ab007ax
Pavilion 15-ab007naPavilion 15-ab007njPavilion 15-ab007tu
Pavilion 15-ab007txPavilion 15-ab007urPavilion 15-ab008au
Pavilion 15-ab008axPavilion 15-ab008naPavilion 15-ab008ng
Pavilion 15-ab008nqPavilion 15-ab008tuPavilion 15-ab008tx
Pavilion 15-ab008urPavilion 15-ab009au Pavilion 15-ab009ax
Pavilion 15-ab009njPavilion 15-ab009nm Pavilion 15-ab009nq
Pavilion 15-ab009nxPavilion 15-ab009tuPavilion 15-ab009tx
Pavilion 15-ab009urPavilion 15-ab010auPavilion 15-ab010ax
Pavilion 15-ab010la Pavilion 15-ab010naPavilion 15-ab010nd
Pavilion 15-ab010njPavilion 15-ab010nmPavilion 15-ab010no
Pavilion 15-ab010nrPavilion 15-ab010nuPavilion 15-ab010nx
Pavilion 15-ab010nz Pavilion 15-ab010tuPavilion 15-ab010tx
Pavilion 15-ab010urPavilion 15-ab011auPavilion 15-ab011nd
Pavilion 15-ab011nfPavilion 15-ab011nm Pavilion 15-ab011nu
Pavilion 15-ab011nx Pavilion 15-ab011nzPavilion 15-ab011tu
Pavilion 15-ab011urPavilion 15-ab012auPavilion 15-ab012la
Pavilion 15-ab012naPavilion 15-ab012ndPavilion 15-ab012nl
Pavilion 15-ab012tuPavilion 15-ab012urPavilion 15-ab013au
Pavilion 15-ab013naPavilion 15-ab013nfPavilion 15-ab013nx
Pavilion 15-ab013tuPavilion 15-ab013txPavilion 15-ab014au
Pavilion 15-ab014nxPavilion 15-ab014urPavilion 15-ab015au
Pavilion 15-ab015naPavilion 15-ab015ncPavilion 15-ab015ne
Pavilion 15-ab015nfPavilion 15-ab015txPavilion 15-ab015ur
Pavilion 15-ab016auPavilion 15-ab016naPavilion 15-ab016nf
Pavilion 15-ab016nxPavilion 15-ab016tuPavilion 15-ab016ur
Pavilion 15-ab017auPavilion 15-ab017axPavilion 15-ab017na
Pavilion 15-ab017nfPavilion 15-ab017tuPavilion 15-ab017ur
Pavilion 15-ab018ax Pavilion 15-ab018naPavilion 15-ab018tu
Pavilion 15-ab018txPavilion 15-ab018ur Pavilion 15-ab019ax


Part Number LHP274
Color Black
Cell Type Li-ion Battery
Capacity 2,200 mAh / 32 Wh
Device Voltage 14.8Vdc

Package Contents

  • Dr. Battery LHP274 Li-ion Replacement Notebook Battery
30 Day Limited Warranty

Memory Express will help facilitate the return of defective product(s) to the manufacturer for repair or replacement at no cost to our customer with in the first thirty (30) days, unless otherwise specified. Returns / Exchanges for Clearance Items are valid within (15) days of original purchase date unless otherwise specified.

Please see our Retail Store Policies for more information.