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Clearance Centre: Cooler Master Masterfan MF140R ARGB 140mm Cooling Fan w/ Addressable RGB LEDs, 1 Pack

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Warranty: 60 Days Warranty
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  • SKU: MX75406
  • ILC: 884102042676
  • Part #: R4-140R-15PC-R1
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Product Info

Live Your Life In The Most Colorful Way: MasterFan MF140R ARGB

This MasterFan MF140R ARGB Cooling Fan is a new member of the popular Cooler Master MasterFan family. It provides a specific air cooling solution that is ideal for CPU coolers and chassis in-take fans that fit these larger, higher flow 140mm Fans.

Designed for Builders with Addressable RGB-enabled PCs, you can feel the flow with full color fun, and perfectly match your PC's theme.

The MF140R series is fitted with multiple layers of our exclusive noise reduction technologies and a perfectly efficient hybrid fan blade design that, when put together work in harmony to cool your entire case and its components in silence.

Addressable RGB Color

Cooler Master's Fully Addressable RGB technology achieves maximum color customization. This 140mm Fan is fully Certified Compatible with leading RGB LED lighting controllers like Asus Aura, ASRock RGB and MSI RGB Motherboard technologies and their related Control Software Apps.



Silent Cooling Technology

A mix of noise reduction technology and sound absorbing rubber pads are used in synergy to give you peace and quiet, even when your PC is working overtime and the Fans are running full force.

Hybrid Design

A combination of both jet engine and helicopter blade designs gives you the static air preassure you need without sacrificing airflow!

Smart Fan Sensor for Jam Protection

Smart fan sensors protect your cables and components from being snagged, damaged, or pulled by your fans. Don't worry about jams damaging your components ever again.


Make and Model Cooler Master MasterFan MF140R ARGB 140mm Cooling Fan
Part Number R4-140R-15PC-R1
Color Black w/ White Fan Blades
Connector 4-pin Connector
Speed 650 ~ 1,500 rpm ± 10% (585 ~ 1,650 rpm)
Air Flow 90 Cubic Feet / Minute ±10% (81 ~ 99 cfm)
Air Pressure 1.6 mm H2O
Bearing Type Rifle Bearing
Noise 33.5 dBA
Fan Lifetime MTTF: 280,000 Hours
L10 Life: 40,000 Hours
Power Input: 12Vdc @ 0.34A, 4.08W
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25mm
Weight 142g
30 Day Limited Warranty

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