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Clearance Information:
Type: Refurbished
Warranty: 60 Days Warranty
Quantity Available: 1
Location: Edmonton South
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  • SKU: MX58305
  • ILC: 027242879966
  • Part #: AKAHLP1
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Product Info

Every Action Cam Lens Needs Hard Lens Protector

Some of the best, most amazing Action Cam Videos involve the person in the video crashing through trees, jumping off cliffs, falling down mountain trails, skiing into trees, being attacked by wild life, etc. Nobody said the life of an Action Cam Videographer wasn't laced with a little peril.

This Sony Brand hard lens cover for Action Cam weighs helps prevent the damage that can be caused by impacts, scratches, and other hazards caught on video, while it also protects your camera's lens from dirt; even outside of its housing.

Weighing only 10g, you won't even notice this optically clear lens cover is on your Action Cam doing its job to protect your Action Camera Lens.


  • Helps Protect your Lens from damage
  • Works without the Camera Case attached
  • Does not mute or distort Audio while recording
  • Strong, lightweight optically clear material only weighs 10g
  • 33.3mm round Hard Lens Protector is easy to store and carry when not in use


Type Action Cam Hard Lens Protector
Lens Protector Diameter 33.33mm
Color Clear
Lens Protector Cable Black
Cable Length N/A
Dimensions Lens Protector: 33 x 32 x 19mm
Weight 10g

Package Contents

  • SONY Action Cam Hard Lens Protector, P/N: AKAHLP1
  • Lens Cable
30 Day Limited Warranty

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