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Clearance Centre: Dr. Battery AC19V90C Notebook Power Adapter 19V, 3.42A/4.74A, 65W-90W

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Regular Price $44.99
Clearance Discount ($16.42)   36%
Clearance Sale!! ($8.57)   30%  Ends: 12/31/2020
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Clearance Information:
Type: Refurbished
Warranty: 60 Days Warranty
Quantity Available: 1
Location: Edmonton South
* Please Call To Confirm Item Availability
  • SKU: MX20689
  • ILC: AC19V90C
  • Part #: AC19V90C
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Product Info

Replacement Notebook Power Adapter, 19V 3.42A/ 4.74A 65W-90W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip)


  • Replace your old power adapter


Part Number AC19V90C
Warranty 1 Year
Output Current 3.42A/4.74A
Output Voltage 19V
Input Type AC110~240V / 50~60Hz
Power 65W-90W

Compatible Models

AcerNote 730i AcerNote 734 AcerNote 735
AcerNote 735C AcerNote 750 AcerNote 760
AcerNote 760C AcerNote 760I AcerNote 760IC
AcerNote 763 AcerNote 765 AcerNote 768C
AcerNote 780 AcerNote 780CX AcerNote 782
AcerNote 784 AcerNote 786 AcerNote 787
AcerNote 788 AcerNote 789 Aspire 1350
Aspire 1350LC Aspire 1350LCe Aspire 1350LM
Aspire 1350LMi Aspire 2420 Aspire 2420-2355
Aspire 2930 Aspire 4220 Aspire 4230
Aspire 4930 Aspire 4930-6862 Aspire 4930G
Aspire 4930ZG Aspire 5379G-6132 Aspire 5530
Aspire 5530-5824 Aspire 5530G Aspire 5535-5018
Aspire 5535-5050 Aspire 5930 Aspire 6930
Aspire 6930-6067 Aspire 6930-6073 Aspire 6930-6082
Aspire 6930-6154 Aspire 6930-6262 Aspire 6930-6455
Aspire 6930-6560 Aspire 6930-6586 Aspire 6930-6723
Aspire 6930-6771 Aspire 6930-6809 Aspire 6930-6940
Aspire 6930-6941 Aspire 6930-6942 Aspire 6935
Aspire 6935-6052 Aspire 6935-6194 Aspire 7530
Aspire 7530-5660 Aspire 7530-5682 Aspire 7730
Aspire 7730-4126 Aspire 7730-4180 Aspire 7730-4686
Aspire 7730-4868 Aspire 7730-4931 Aspire 7730-6542
Aspire 8930 Aspire 8930-6174 Aspire 8930-6243
Aspire 8930-6247 Aspire 8930-6250 Aspire 8930-6306
Aspire 8930-6386 Aspire 8930-6442 Aspire 8930-6448
Aspire 8930-6469 Aspire 8930-6520 Aspire 8930-6951
Aspire 8930-7665 Aspire 8930G Ferrari 3000
Ferrari 3000LMi Ferrari 3200 Ferrari 3400
Ferrari 4000 Ferrari 4000 Series Ferrari 4000LMi
Ferrari 4000WLMi Ferrari 4001 Ferrari 4001WLMi
Ferrari 4002 Ferrari 4002LMi Ferrari 4002WLM
Ferrari 4002WLMi Ferrari 4003 Ferrari 4003WLMi
Ferrari 4004 Ferrari 4004WLMi Ferrari 4005
Ferrari 4005LMi Ferrari 4005WLM Ferrari 4005WLMi
Ferrari 4006 Ferrari 4006WLMi TravelMate 4520
TravelMate 7720-5594 TravelMate 7720-6013 TravelMate 7720-6130
TravelMate 7720-6486 TravelMate 7720-6492 TravelMate 7720-6611
TravelMate 7720-6620 TravelMate 7720-6674 TravelMate 7720-6807
TravelMate 7720-6860    
AMS Tech    
TravelPro 100 TravelPro 101CS TravelPro 105CS
TravelPro 12CT TravelPro 180 TravelPro 1900
TravelPro 1950 TravelPro 1950CT TravelPro 1961CT
TravelPro 1965 TravelPro 2000 TravelPro 2010
TravelPro 2020CX TravelPro 2030 TravelPro 2500
TravelPro 2500CS TravelPro 2500CX TravelPro 2500CX98
TravelPro 2550 TravelPro 2550CT98 TravelPro 2550CX
TravelPro 2550CX98 TravelPro 255CT TravelPro 255CX
TravelPro 256CXA TravelPro 2570 TravelPro 257CXA
TravelPro 2580 TravelPro 2595CXA TravelPro 6020ECX
TravelPro 6030ECX TravelPro 6040ECX
TravelPro EX 105CT
A2 Series A2000  
A2000C A2000L A2000Lp
A2C A2L A2Lp
A3 Series A3000 Series A3000A
A3000Ac A3000E A3000G
A3000L A3000N A3A
A3Ac A3E A3G
A6 Series A6000 Series A6000G
A6000Ga A6000Jc A6000K
A6000Km A6000L A6000N
A6000Ne A6000Rp A6000U
A6000V A6000Va A6000Vc
A6M A6N A6Ne
A6R A6Rp A6T
A6Ta A6Tc A6U
A6V A6Va A6Vc
A6Vm A7 Series A7C
A7J A7Jc A7K
A7M A7S A7Sv
A7Tc A7V A7Vc
A8 A8000 A8A
A8M A8S A8Sc
A8Sc-A1 A8Sc-B1 A8Sc-B2
A9 Series A9Rp A9T
A9T Series B1 - Asus B1000
B1000A B50A B50A-A1
B50A-B1 B50A-B2 B50A-C2
F2 Series F2F F2HF
F2J F2Je F3 Series
F3E F3E-A1 F3E-B1
F3E-B2 F3E-B3 F3H
F3J Series F3JA Series F3Jc
F3JF Series F3JM Series F3Jp
F3Jr F3Jv F3Ka
F3Ke F3L F3M
F3P F3Q Series F3Sa
F3Sc F3Sc-A1 F3Sc-B1
F3Se F3Sg F3Sr
F3Sv F3Sv-A1 F3Sv-B1
F3Sv-B2 F3Sv-B3 F3Sv-C1
F3T F3Tc F3U
F5 Series F50Sf-A1 F50Sf-A2
F5Z F6A F6A-A2
F6V F6V Multi Color F6V-A1
F6Ve F6Ve-B1 F7000 - Asus
F70SL F70SL-A1 F8 Series
F80Cr F80L F80Q
F80S F80S-A1 F83Vf
F8P-C1W F8Sa F8Sg
F8Sn F8Sn-A1 F8Sp
F8Sr F8Sv F8Tr
F8Va F8Va-B1 F8Va-C1
F8Vr F9 Series F9Dc
F9Dc-A1 F9Dc-B1 F9E
F9E-A1 F9F Series F9J
F9J Series F9S F9S Series
F9Sg F9Sg-A1 G1 Series
G1P Series G1S G1S Series
G1S-A1 G1S-B1 G1S-B2
G1Sn G1Sn-A1 G1Sn-B1
G2K G2P G2Pb Series
G2Pc Series G2S G2S-A1
G2S-A4 G2S-B1 G2S-B2
G2S-Extreme G2Sg G2Sg-A1
G2Sv K40AB K50AB
L1 Series L1000 L1000A
L1000B L13 L1300
L1300B L13B L14
L1400 L1400A L1400B
L14A L14B L1A
L1B L2 Series L2000
L2000B L2000D L2000E
L2400D L2B L2D
L2E L3000C L3000D
L3000H L3000S L3000TP
L34 Series L3400 L3400C
L34C L38 Series L3800
L3800C L3800S1 L38C
L38S L3C L3D
L4 Series L4000 Series L4000E
L4000H L4000L L4000R
L41 L42 L44
L45 L4500 L4500R Series
L4R L50Vn L50Vn-A1
L50Vn-B1 L50Vn-C1 L7400
Lamborghini VX3 LC3800S M2 Series
M2000 Series M2000-A M2000-C
M2000-E M2000N M2000-N Series
M2000Ne M24 Series M2400
M2400 Series M2400A M2400C
M2400E M2400N M2400Ne
M24A M24E M24N
M3 M3000 M3000Ae
M3000N M3000NP M3Ae
M3N M3NP M50Sa
M50Sr M50Sv M50Sv-A1
M50Sv-B1 M50Vc M50Vm
M50Vm-A1 M50Vm-B1 M50Vm-B2
M50Vm-B4 M50Vn M51A
M51A-A1 M51A-B1 M51E
M51E-A1 M51Kr M51Se
M51Sn M51Sn-A1 M51Sn-B1
M51Sn-C1 M51Sr M51Ta
M51Tr M51Va M51Vr
M52 M5200 M6
M6000 M6000BN M6000BNe
M6000N M6000Ne M6000r
M6000Va M67 M6700
M6700A M6700C M6700N
M6700R M6700V M67N
M68 M6800 M6800A
M6800C M6800N M6800R
M6800V M68N M6BN
M6BNe M6N M6Ne
M6V M6Va M70Sa
M70Sa-A1 M70Sa-B1 M70Sr
M70T M70Vm M70Vm-A1
M70Vm-B1 M70Vm-C1 M70Vn
M70Vn-C1 M70Vn-C2 M70Vr
M9 Series M9A M9F
M9J M9V N10E
N10E-A1 N10J N10J-A1
N10J-A2 N10Jc N10Jc-A1
N20 - Asus N20A N20A-A1
N50Vc N50Vc (LED) N50Vn
N50Vn (CCFL) N50Vn (LED) N50Vn-A1B (LED)
N50Vn-B1B (CCFL) N50Vn-C1S (CCFL) N50Vn-C2S (CCFL)
N50Vn-C3S (CCFL) N60Dp N61Vg
N61Vn N71Vg N71Vn
N80Vc N80Vn N80Vn (LED)
N80Vn-A1 N80Vn-B1 N81Vp
P80A P80Q P80Vc
PRO 50 Series PRO 50-AP063C PRO 50N
PRO 50N-AP171C R1E R1E Series
R1E-B1 R1E-D1 R1F
R1F-A1 R1F-A2 R1F-K018T
R1F-K049E S1300N S13N Series
S3262 S6 Series S62 Series
S62e S62Fm S62Fp
S62J S62Jp S6F
S6F Leather Collection S6Fm S6Fm-1P029C
S6Fm-1P055C S6Fm-1P056C S96 Series
S96F S96Fm S96J
S96Jm SW1 VBl T12
T12C T12Er T12Fg
T12Jg T12Mg T12Ug
T9 Series T9000 T9000 Series
T9000A T93 T9300
T9300A T93A T94
T9400 T9400A T94A
T9A U1E U1E Series
U1F U1F-1P016E U1F-A1
U2E U2E Bamboo U2E-A1B
U3S U3S Series U3S-A1B
U3S-A1W U3Sg U5 Series
U51A U51Vg U5A
U5F U6E Series U6Ep
U6S U6S Series U6Sg
U6V U6V Bamboo U6V-A1
U6Vc U6Vc-A1 U81A-RX05
U81V V1Jp V1S
V1S-A1 V1S-B1 V1Sn
V1V V1V-A1 V2J
V2Je V2S V2S-A1
V2S-B1 V6 Series V6000 Series
V6000J V6000V Series V68V
V6J V6V Series V6Va
VX1 Series VX1-Lamborghini VX2-Lamborghini
VX2S-B2B VX2S-B2Y VX2S-Lamborghini
VX3-A1B VX3-A1Y VX3-Lamborghini
W1 W1000 W1000G
W1000Ga W1000Gc W1000N
W1000Na W1000V W1G
W1Ga W1Gc W1N
W1Na W1V W3
W3000 W3000A W3000J
W3000N W3000V W3000Z Series
W3V W3Z Series W5 Series
W5000A W5000A Series W5000Ae
W5000F W5000Fe W5000Fm
W5600A W5A W5Ae
W5F W5Fe W5Fm
W6Fp W6K W7 Series
W7000J W7000S W7F
W7F Series W7J Series W7S
W7S Series W7S-A1B W7S-A1W
W7Sg W90V W90Vn
W90Vp W90Vp-A1 X50
X50 Series - Asus X50M X50N
X50R X50RL X50SL
X50V X50VL X51
X51H X51L X51R
X51RL X58C X58Le
X59Sr X59Sr-A1 X71A
X71Q X71SL X71SL-7S027E
X71SL-A1 X71SL-B2 X71SL-C1
X71TL X71Vn X80Le
X80N X80Z Z33
Z3300 Z3300A Z3300Ae
Z33A Z33Ae Z35 Series
Z35F Z35H Z35L
Z53 Series Z53J Z53Jc
Z62 Series Z6200F Z6200Fm
Z6200J Z6200Jm Z62F
Z62Fm Z62J Z6300A
Z63A Z7000 Z7000A
Z7000N Z7000Ne Z7000V
Z7000Va Z70A Z70N
Z70Ne Z70V Z70Va
Z71 Series Z7100 Z7100A
Z7100V Z7100Vp Z71A
Z71V Z71VP Z80 - Asus
Z8000 Z8000K Z80K
Z8300V Z83V Z8400F
Z8400Jp Z84F Z84Jp
Z91 Series Z9100 Z9100A
Z9100Ac Z9100E Z9100ER
Z9100F Z9100Fc Z9100G
Z9100L Z9100N Z91A
Z91Ac Z91E Z91ER
Z91F Z91Fc Z91G
Z91L Z91N Z9200Km
Z92Km Z9300E Z93E
Z9600F Z9600Fm Z9600J
Z96F Z96Fm Z96J
Z96Jm Z96Js  
1050-EB1 1050-ED1 1050-EU1
AV1000 AV1020 AV1020-ED1
AV1150-AW1 AV1150-EW1 AV2100
AV2150-EH1 AV2155-EH1 AV2225
AV2225-EH1 AV2260-EY1 AV2370
AV2370HM1E-1 AV2371 AV2371HM1E-1
AV2500 AV2573 AV2575
AV3000 AV3100 AV3150
AV3150H AV3150HD AV3150HS
AV3150HW AV3220H1 AV3225
AV3225HS AV3250HS AV3250HX
AV3250PX AV3255 AV3255P1
AV3255-P1-01 AV3265 AV3265-EG1
AV3270 AV3270-EE1 AV3270-EH1
AV3300 AV3320 AV3320-EH1
AV3360 AV3360-EG1 AV3360-EH1
AV3500 AV3500T60 AV3500T80
AV3700 AV3715 AV3715-ED1
AV3715-EH1 AV4115 AV4115-EE1
AV4265-EH1 AV4270-EH1 AV5100
AV5110 AV5110H AV5110HX
AV5110P AV5500 AV5500-EA1
AV6100 AV6100A AV6110
AV6110-EH1 AV6200 AV6200H60
AV6210 AV6210X AV6210X60
AV6210X80 AV6235 AV6235-EE1
AV6240 AV6240-EH1 AV7100
AV7115 AV7115-EH1 AV7155
AV7155-EA1 AV7155-EH1 AV7160
AV7160-EC1 AV7170 AV7170-EC1
Averatec 4000 Series Averatec 4100 Series Averatec 4100AH
Averatec 4100EH Averatec 4125EH1 Averatec 4155
Averatec 4155AH Averatec 4155EH Averatec 4155EH1
Averatec 4200 Series Averatec 4215 Averatec 4215EH
Averatec 4260 Averatec 4260EH Averatec 4265
Averatec 4265EH Averatec 4270 N2370HM1E-1
N2371DH1E-1 N2575UH1E-1  
2100 2100C 2100P
2200 2200C 2200S
2200T 2300 2300C
2300T 2700 2700C
2700S 2700T 2800
2800T 2820 2830
2850 3100 3100B
3100C 3200 3220
3300 3300B 3300C
3400 3420 3600
3610 3620 4200
4600 4600T 5100
5100C 5100S 5300
5300C 6100 - Clevo 6200 - Clevo
6400 - Clevo 66 - Clevo 660 - Clevo
6600 - Clevo 665 - Clevo 6650 - Clevo
82H 86 - Clevo 862
863 86A 870
873 875 96
96H 98 980
982 982A 982G
D22 D22E D22ES
D23 D230 D230S
D27 D270ES D270S
D270X D27ES D27S
D28 D280 D280S
D400S D410S D430S
L390T M120 M120C
M120W M121 M121C
M121W M220 M220S
M22ES M270 M270S
M27ES M300 M300N
M310 M310N M350
M350B M350C M360
M360B M360C M360S
M361C M362 M362C
M362S M363 M363C
M363S M375 M375C
M375E M375EW M375S
M37EW M385C M385E
M400A M400AE M450
M450C M520G M520N
M521G M521N M540
M540G M540N M540R
M540SS M540V M541R
M541SS M548R M548SS
M549SS M54N M54V
M550G M550N M55G
M55N M560 M560A
M570RU-U M571RU-U M620NC
M621NC M621NC-U M623NC-U
M62N M66 M660N
M660SR M660SRU M661N
M661SRU M665 M665SE
M665SR M665SRU M66N
M710L M720R M725T
M728T M729T M72R
M72T M730SR M730T
M731SR M731T M735SR
M735T M738SR M738T
M740J M740JU M740SU
M740SUN M740T M740TU
M740TUN M741JU M741S
M741SU M741T M741TU
M745J M745JU M745S
M745SU M745SUN M745T
M745TU M745TUN M746J
M746JU M746S M746SU
M746SUN M746T M746TU
M746TUN M748S M760J
M760JU M760S M760SU
M760T M760TU M761J
M761JU M761S M761SU
M761T M761TU M762J
M762JU M762S M762SU
M762T M762TU M765J
M765JU M765S M765SU
M765T M765TU M766J
M766JU M766S M766SU
M766T M766TU M767J
M767JU M767S M767SU
M767T M767TU M770SU
M770SUN M771SUN M775SU
M775SUN MobiNote M540 MobiNote M540G
MobiNote M540N MobiNote M540V MobiNote M541G
MobiNote M541V MobiNote M545G MobiNote M545V
MobiNote M54G MobiNote M54N MobiNote M54V
MobiNote M550G MobiNote M550N MobiNote M550V
MobiNote M551G MobiNote M551V MobiNote M555G
MobiNote M555V MobiNote M55G MobiNote M55N
MobiNote M55V T200C T210C
T21C T2C TN121R
W760S W760SUA W760SUN
W760T W760TUN W761SUA
W761SUN W761T W761TUN
W763S W763SUA W763SUN
W763T W763TUN W765S
W765SUA W765SUN W765T
Evo N1010v Evo N1015v Evo N1020v
Evo N1033V Evo N105 Evo N1050v
Evo N110 Evo N110S Evo N115
Evo N150 Evo N160 Evo N180
Evo N200 Evo N400 Evo N400c
Evo N410 Evo N410c Evo N600
Evo N600c Evo N600v Evo N610
Evo N610c Evo N610v Evo N620
Evo N620c Evo N620v Evo N800
Evo N800 Series Evo N800c Evo N800v
Evo N800w Presario 1000 Presario 1000 Series
Presario 1010 Presario 1020 Presario 1030
Presario 1040 Presario 1050 Presario 1060
Presario 1065 Presario 1070 Presario 1072
Presario 1075 Presario 1080 Presario 1081
Presario 1082 Presario 1084 Presario 1090
Presario 1090ES Presario 1100 Presario 1110
Presario 1115 Presario 1117 Presario 1120
Presario 1200 Presario 1200 Series Presario 1200T
Presario 1200US Presario 1200XL Presario 1200XL101
Presario 1200XL102 Presario 1200XL103 Presario 1200XL104
Presario 1200XL105 Presario 1200XL106 Presario 1200XL109
Presario 1200XL110 Presario 1200XL111 Presario 1200XL118
Presario 1200XL119 Presario 1200XL125 Presario 1200XL126
Presario 1200XL127 Presario 1200XL199 Presario 1200XL3
Presario 1200XL300 Presario 1200XL325 Presario 1200XL401
Presario 1200XL404 Presario 1200XL406 Presario 1200XL408
Presario 1200XL409 Presario 1200XL420 Presario 1200XL423
Presario 1200XL500 Presario 1200XL505 Presario 1200XL510
Presario 1200XL515 Presario 1200XL526 Presario 1201AP
Presario 1201Z Presario 1207 Presario 1210
Presario 1214 Presario 1214SR Presario 1215
Presario 1216 Presario 1220 Presario 1221
Presario 1230 Presario 1232 Presario 1234
Presario 1235 Presario 1236 Presario 1237
Presario 1240 Presario 1242 Presario 1244
Presario 1245 Presario 1246 Presario 1247
Presario 1250 Presario 1255 Presario 1256
Presario 1260 Presario 1262 Presario 1266
Presario 1267 Presario 1270 Presario 1272
Presario 1273 Presario 1274 Presario 1275
Presario 1277 Presario 1278 Presario 1279
Presario 1280 Presario 12XL Presario 12XL Series
Presario 12XL115 Presario 12XL125 Presario 12XL300
Presario 12XL310 Presario 12XL325 Presario 12XL326
Presario 12XL327 Presario 12XL4 Presario 12XL400
Presario 12XL401 Presario 12XL405 Presario 12XL410
Presario 12XL420 Presario 12XL426 Presario 12XL427
Presario 12XL430 Presario 12XL500 Presario 12XL505
Presario 12XL510 Presario 1400 Presario 1400 Series
Presario 1400EB Presario 1400T Presario 1600
Presario 1600 Series Presario 1600S Presario 1600T
Presario 1600XL Series Presario 1700 Presario 1700 Series
Presario 1700T Presario 1700US Presario 1700XL Series
Presario 1701 Presario 1701CL Presario 1702
Presario 1703 Presario 1704 Presario 1705
Presario 1720 Series Presario 1720CA Presario 1720US
Presario 1721 Presario 1722 Presario 1722CA
Presario 1722US Presario 1724 Presario 1725
Presario 17XL Series Presario 17XL2 Series Presario 17XL260
Presario 17XL261 Presario 17XL264 Presario 17XL265
Presario 17XL266 Presario 17XL274 Presario 17XL275
Presario 17XL276 Presario 17XL3 Series Presario 17XL360
Presario 17XL360 Series Presario 17XL361 Presario 17XL362
Presario 17XL363 Presario 17XL364 Presario 17XL365
Presario 17XL366 Presario 17XL367 Presario 17XL368
Presario 17XL369 Presario 17XL370 Series Presario 17XL375
Presario 17XL378 Presario 17XL379 Presario 17XL380
Presario 17XL460 Presario 17XL460 Series Presario 17XL461
Presario 17XL462 Presario 17XL463 Presario 17XL464
Presario 17XL465 Presario 17XL466 Presario 17XL467
Presario 17XL468 Presario 17XL469 Presario 17XL470 Series
Presario 17XL471 Presario 17XL472 Presario 17XL473
Presario 17XL474 Presario 17XL475 Presario 17XL476
Presario 17XL477 Presario 17XL480 Presario 17XL570
Presario 17XL599 Presario 2100 Presario 2100 Series
Presario 2100AP Presario 2100CA Presario 2100LA
Presario 2100US Presario 2101 Presario 2101AP
Presario 2101CA Presario 2101US Presario 2102
Presario 2102AP Presario 2102EA Presario 2102US
Presario 2103 Presario 2103AP Presario 2103EA
Presario 2103US Presario 2104 Presario 2104AP
Presario 2104US Presario 2105 Presario 2105AP
Presario 2105CA Presario 2105EA Presario 2105LA
Presario 2105US Presario 2106 Presario 2106AP
Presario 2106EA Presario 2106US Presario 2107
Presario 2107AP Presario 2107EA Presario 2107US
Presario 2108 Presario 2108CL Presario 2108EA
Presario 2108US Presario 2109EA Presario 2110
Presario 2110AP Presario 2110CA Presario 2110EA
Presario 2110LA Presario 2110US Presario 2111AP
Presario 2111EA Presario 2112AP Presario 2112EA
Presario 2113AP Presario 2114AP Presario 2114EA
Presario 2115 Presario 2115AP Presario 2115EA
Presario 2115US Presario 2116 Presario 2116AP
Presario 2117 Presario 2117AP Presario 2117EA
Presario 2118 Presario 2118AD Presario 2118EA
Presario 2119 Presario 2119EA Presario 2120
Presario 2120AD Presario 2120AP Presario 2120EA
Presario 2120LA Presario 2120US Presario 2122
Presario 2122AD Presario 2123 Presario 2123AD
Presario 2123AP Presario 2124 Presario 2124AD
Presario 2124AP Presario 2125 Presario 2125AC
Presario 2125AD Presario 2125AP Presario 2125EA
Presario 2126 Presario 2126AC Presario 2126AD
Presario 2126EA Presario 2127 Presario 2127AC
Presario 2127AD Presario 2127EA Presario 2128
Presario 2128AC Presario 2128AD Presario 2128EA
Presario 2128US Presario 2129 Presario 2129AD
Presario 2129EA Presario 2130 Presario 2130AC
Presario 2130AD Presario 2130AP Presario 2130EA
Presario 2131 Presario 2131AC Presario 2131AD
Presario 2131EA Presario 2132 Presario 2132AC
Presario 2132RS Presario 2133AC Presario 2133AD
Presario 2133AP Presario 2133EA Presario 2134
Presario 2134AD Presario 2134EA Presario 2135
Presario 2135AC Presario 2135AD Presario 2135AP
Presario 2135CA Presario 2135EA Presario 2135US
Presario 2136 Presario 2136AC Presario 2136AD
Presario 2136EA Presario 2136RSH Presario 2137
Presario 2137AC Presario 2137AD Presario 2137EA
Presario 2138 Presario 2138AC Presario 2138AD
Presario 2138EA Presario 2139 Presario 2139AC
Presario 2139AD Presario 2140 Presario 2140AC
Presario 2140AD Presario 2140AP Presario 2140CA
Presario 2140US Presario 2141 Presario 2141AC
Presario 2141AD Presario 2141EA Presario 2142EA
Presario 2143AD Presario 2143AP Presario 2144AD
Presario 2144EA Presario 2145 Presario 2145AD
Presario 2145AP Presario 2145CA Presario 2145EA
Presario 2145US Presario 2146 Presario 2146AD
Presario 2146EA Presario 2147 Presario 2147AD
Presario 2147EA Presario 2148 Presario 2148AD
Presario 2148EA Presario 2149 Presario 2149AD
Presario 2149EA Presario 2150 Presario 2150AP
Presario 2150US Presario 2151AD Presario 2151EA
Presario 2153AP Presario 2154AP Presario 2154EA
Presario 2155 Presario 2155EA Presario 2155US
Presario 2156 Presario 2156EA Presario 2158
Presario 2158EA Presario 2160 Presario 2160EA
Presario 2160US Presario 2161 Presario 2161EA
Presario 2161US Presario 2162 Presario 2162EA
Presario 2162US Presario 2163 Presario 2163EA
Presario 2164 Presario 2164EA Presario 2165
Presario 2165EA Presario 2166 Presario 2166EA
Presario 2167 Presario 2167EA Presario 2168
Presario 2169 Presario 2169EA Presario 2170
Presario 2170CA Presario 2170US Presario 2171
Presario 2171US Presario 2172 Presario 2172EA
Presario 2172US Presario 2173 Presario 2173EA
Presario 2175 Presario 2175CA Presario 2175EA
Presario 2175US Presario 2176 Presario 2176RS
Presario 2178 Presario 2178CL Presario 2180
Presario 2180CA Presario 2182 Presario 2182US
Presario 2186 Presario 2186RS Presario 2188
Presario 2188CL Presario 2190 Presario 2190CA
Presario 2190US Presario 2191 Presario 2192
Presario 2194 Presario 2194RS Presario 2195
Presario 2195CA Presario 2195US Presario 2196
Presario 2196US Presario 2197 Presario 2197CA
Presario 2198 Presario 2198CA Presario 2198US
Presario 2199 Presario 2199CA Presario 2199US
Presario 2500 Presario 2500 Series Presario 2500AP
Presario 2500LA Presario 2500US Presario 2505
Presario 2505AP Presario 2510 Presario 2510AP
Presario 2510EA Presario 2510LA Presario 2511
Presario 2511EA Presario 2512 Presario 2512EA
Presario 2515 Presario 2515AP Presario 2515EA
Presario 2516 Presario 2516EA Presario 2520
Presario 2520AP Presario 2520EA Presario 2521
Presario 2521EA Presario 2525 Presario 2525AP
Presario 2525CA Presario 2525EA Presario 2525US
Presario 2526EA Presario 2528CL Presario 2529CL
Presario 2530 Presario 2530AP Presario 2535
Presario 2535AP Presario 2535QV Presario 2538
Presario 2538CL Presario 2540 Presario 2540AP
Presario 2543 Presario 2543AP Presario 2545
Presario 2545AP Presario 2545US Presario 2550
Presario 2550AP Presario 2550CA Presario 2550US
Presario 2555 Presario 2555AP Presario 2555US
Presario 2560 Presario 2560AP Presario 2561
Presario 2561US Presario 2565 Presario 2565AP
Presario 2568 Presario 2568CL Presario 2570
Presario 2570CA Presario 2570US Presario 2575
Presario 2575US Presario 2578 Presario 2578CL
Presario 2580 Presario 2580CA Presario 2580US
Presario 2581 Presario 2581US Presario 2585
Presario 2585US Presario 2590 Presario 2590US
Presario 2591 Presario 2591US Presario 2592US
Presario 2593 Presario 2593US Presario 2594
Presario 2594US Presario 2596 Presario 2596US
Presario 2597 Presario 2597CL Presario 2597US
Presario 2598 Presario 2598CL Presario 2598US
Presario 2599 Presario 2599US Presario 2700
Presario 2700 Series Presario 2700T Presario 2700US
Presario 2701T Presario 2702TW Presario 2710US
Presario 2715US Presario 2720US Presario 700
Presario 700 Series Presario 700CA Presario 700US
Presario 700Z Presario 701 Presario 701CL
Presario 701US Presario 701USZ Presario 702
Presario 702US Presario 703 Presario 704
Presario 705 Presario 705CA Presario 705US
Presario 706 Presario 709 Presario 710
Presario 710CA Presario 710US Presario 711
Presario 711CL Presario 715 Presario 715CA
Presario 715US Presario 717 Presario 717RSH
Presario 718 Presario 719 Presario 720
Presario 720US Presario 721 Presario 721CL
Presario 722 Presario 722US Presario 723
Presario 723EA Presario 723RSH Presario 725
Presario 725CA Presario 725US Presario 726
Presario 727 Presario 728 Presario 729
Presario 730CA Presario 730US Presario 731
Presario 731CL Presario 731US Presario 732
Presario 732US Presario 733 Presario 734
Presario 734RSH Presario 735 Presario 735CA
Presario 735US Presario 800 Presario 800 Series
Presario 800T Presario 800XL Presario 80XL200
Presario 80XL201 Presario 80XL4 Presario 80XL4S
Presario 80XL550 Prosignia 150  
Inspiron 7000 Inspiron 7000 D266GT Inspiron 7000 D300LT
Inspiron 7000 Series Inspiron 7000-30iL SmartStep 200
SmartStep 200N SmartStep 250 SmartStep 250N
M2350 M2352 M2353
M2356 M5405 M5410
400 special 400L 400S
400S Plus 400SD4 400SP
400SP Plus 400X 400XL
450 Series 450E 450E Plus
450QS 450RGH 450ROG
450S 450SP 450SX4
450X 450XL 600 Special
600E Series 600S 600YG2
600YGR 8500 Series 8510 Series
8510GH 8510GZ 8515 Series
8515GZ 8550 Series 8550GB
C140 C140X C140XL
C141 C141X C141XL
C142 C142X C142XL
C143X C143XL C5815
CX200 CX200S CX200X
CX210 CX210S CX210X
DS 600X DS 600XL E265M
E265M-G E295 E295C
E295C-G LT1000 LT1001
LT1001G LT1001J LT1004
LT1004u LT1005 LT1005u
M1411J M150S Garnet Red M150S Pacific Blue
M150S Slate Grey Ridgeview M150X Garnet Red M150X Pacific Blue
M150X Pacific Blue Ridgeview M150X Slate Grey Ridgeview M150XL
M150XL Garnet Red M150XL Pacific Blue M150XL Pacific Blue Ridgeview
M150XL Slate Grey Ridgeview M151 Series M151S Arctic Bloom
M151S Garnet Red M151S Pacific Blue M151S Silver
M151X M151X Arctic Bloom M151X Garnet Red
M151X Pacific Blue M151X Silver M151XL
M151XL Garnet Red M151XL Pacific Blue M151XL Silver
M152 M152 Series M152S Arctic Bloom
M152S Garnet Red M152S Pacific Blue M152S Silver
M152XL M152XL Garnet Red M152XL Pacific Blue
M153S M153S Arctic Bloom M153S Garnet Red
M153S Pacific Blue M153S Silver M153X
M153X Garnet Red M153X Silver M153XL Arctic Bloom
M153XL Garnet Red M153XL Pacific Blue M16 Series
M1629 Series M1630J M1631J
M1632J M1634 M1634u
M2000 M24 - Gateway M2400 - Gateway
M2404 M2404u M2408J
M2409J M2410 M2410u
M2414 M2414u M2421
M2421u M250 Series M250A
M250B M250E M250ES
M250G M250GS M250S
M250X M2623 M2623u
M2624 M2624u M2625
M2625u M2626 M2626u
M275 Series M275E M275R
M275X M275XL M285
M285E M285ESB M285G
M460 Series M460A M460B
M460E M460E Plus M460ES
M460QS M460S M460SX
M460X M460XL M460XL-QS
M460X-QS M465 Series M465E
M465G M6206M M6337
M6337 Garnet Red M6339 M6339u
M6340 M6340u M6801M
M6801MT M6802M M6805m
M6806m M6807m M6809m
M6810m M6811m M6812m
M6813m M6814m M6825J
M6826J M6828B M6829B
M6839J M6840J M6842J
M6850 Series M6850FX M6850FX Black w/Accent
M6851 M6854 Series M6854m
M6862 M6862 Silver M6864
M6864 FX M6864 FX Black M6864h FX
M6864h FX Black M6867 M6867 Garnet Red
M6873 Series M6873B M6873h
M6873h Garnet Red M6874 Series M6874h
M6874h Slate Grey Ridgeview M6875B M6876B
M6877B M6878h M6879J
M6881 M6882 M6882h
M6883 M6883u M6885
M6885u M6887 M6887u
M6888u M6889 M6889u
M7000 M7000 Series M73 Series
M7301 Series M7301h M7301u
M7305 Series M7305u M7309 Series
M7309h M7315 Series M7315u
M7317 Series M7317u M7325 Series
M7325u M7328 Series M7328u
M7333 Series M7333u M7334 Series
M7334u M7342 M7342u
M7343 M7343u M7344
M7344u M7354u M7356u
M739 M78 Series M7810J
M7818 Series M7818u M7844
M7844u MC7310 MC7310u
MC7321 MC7321u MC7801
MC7801u MC7803 MC7803u
MC7804 MC7804h MC7825
MC7825u MC7833 MD24
MD2400 MD2409 MD2409H
MD26 MD2601 MD2601u
MD2614 MD2614u MD73
MD7311H MD7321U MD7327
MD7327u MD7329u MD7330u
MD78 MD7801 MD7801u
MD7818 MD7818u MD7820
MD7820u MD7822 MD7822u
MD7826 MD7826u MT6451
MT6452 MT6456 MT6457
MT6458 MT6459 MT6711
MT6840 MT6840h MT6841
MX6448 MX6453 MX6454
MX6640 MX6640b MX6708
MX6708h MX6710 MX6750
MX6750h MX7515 MX7515H
MX8000 MX8500 MX8520
MX8523 MX8525 MX8528
MX8530 MX8716 NX560
NX560X NX560XL NX570
NX570QS NX570S NX570X
NX570XL NX850 NX850X
NX850XL P170 P170 Series
P170L P170X P171
P171 Series P171S P171X
P172 P172 Series P172X
P172XL FX Edition P6000 Series P6300
P6301 P6302 P6311
P6312 P6313 P6313h
P6317 P6318 P6318u
P6631 P6632 P6801m FX
P6822 P6825 P6828
P6828h P6829 P6829h
P6831 P6831FX P6832
P6836 P6861j FX P78 Series
P7800 P7805 FX P7805u FX
P7808u FX Edition P7812j FX S7200
S-7200 S7200C S-7200C
S7200N S-7200N S7210
S-7210 S7210M S-7210M
S7220 S-7220 S7220M
S-7220M S7225 S-7225
S7225C S-7225C S7235
S-7235 S7235R S-7235R
S7310 S-7310 S7310M
S-7310M S7320 S-7320
S7320M S-7320M S7500
S-7500 S7500N S-7500N
S7510 S-7510 S7510N
S-7510N Solo 3350 Solo 3350CS
Solo 3400 Solo 3450 Solo 5000
Solo 5100 Solo 5300 Solo 5300 Series
Solo 5300cl Solo 5300cs Solo 5300L
Solo 5300LS Solo 5350 Solo 9500
Solo 9550 T1400 T-1400
T1409j T-1409j T1412
T-1412 T1413 T-1413
T1602m T-1602m T1603m
T-1603m T1604m T-1604m
T1605m T-1605m T6208c
T-6208c T6303c T-6303c
T6304c T-6304c T6305c
T-6305c T6307c T-6307c
T6315c T-6315c T6316c
T-6316c T6317c T-6317c
T6318c T-6318c T6319c
T-6319c T6320c T-6320c
T6322 T6322c T-6322c
T6324 T6324c T-6324c
T6325 T6325c T-6325c
T6326 T6326c T-6326c
T6327 T6327c T-6327c
T-6330 T-6330u T6801M
T-6801M T6824c T-6824c
T6825c T-6825c T6826c
T-6826c T6827c T-6827c
T6830c T-6830c T6831c
T-6831c T6832c T-6832c
T6834c T-6834c T6840c
T-6840c TC73 TC-73
TC7306u TC7307u TC78
TC-78 UC7307u UC-7307u
UC7308 UC-7308 UC7308u
UC-7308u UC7807 UC-7807
UC7807u UC-7807u  
MX Series    
NW8000 Mobile Workstation    
IdeaPad U330 IdeaPad U330 - 22672AU IdeaPad U330 - 22672BU
IdeaPad U330 - 22672EU IdeaPad U330 - 22672FU IdeaPad U330 - 22672GU
IdeaPad U330 - 226765U IdeaPad U330-22672CU IdeaPad U330-22672DU
IdeaPad U350 - 296323U IdeaPad U350 - 296325U IdeaPad U350 - 296326U
IdeaPad U350 - 296327U IdeaPad U350 - 29632JU IdeaPad U450P - 338926U
IdeaPad U450P - 338928U IdeaPad Y330 IdeaPad Y330A
IdeaPad Y330G IdeaPad Y430 IdeaPad Y430 - 278182U
IdeaPad Y430 - 278183U IdeaPad Y430 - 278184U IdeaPad Y430 - 278186U
IdeaPad Y430 - 278187U IdeaPad Y430 - 278189U IdeaPad Y450
IdeaPad Y450 - 418932U IdeaPad Y450 - 418934U IdeaPad Y450 - 418935U
IdeaPad Y450 - 418936U IdeaPad Y450 - 418938U IdeaPad Y450 - 418939U
IdeaPad Y450 - 418963U IdeaPad Y450 - 418964U IdeaPad Y450 - 418966U
IdeaPad Y510 IdeaPad Y510 - 77583CU IdeaPad Y510 - 77583DU
IdeaPad Y510 - 77583EU IdeaPad Y510 - 77583FU IdeaPad Y530
IdeaPad Y530 - 40512PU IdeaPad Y530 - 405162U IdeaPad Y530 - 40512AU
IdeaPad Y530 - 40512BU IdeaPad Y530 - 40512QU IdeaPad Y530 - 40512RU
IdeaPad Y530 - 40512SU IdeaPad Y530 - 40512TU IdeaPad Y530 - 40512UU
IdeaPad Y530 - 40512WU IdeaPad Y530 - 40512XU IdeaPad Y530 - 40512YU
IdeaPad Y530 - 405136U IdeaPad Y530 - 405164U IdeaPad Y530 - 405165U
IdeaPad Y530 - 405166U IdeaPad Y530 - 405167U IdeaPad Y530 - 405168U
IdeaPad Y530 - 405169U IdeaPad Y530 - 40516AU IdeaPad Y530 - 40516BU
IdeaPad Y530 - 40516CU IdeaPad Y530 - 40516DU IdeaPad Y530 - 40516EU
IdeaPad Y530 - 40516FU IdeaPad Y530 - 40516GU IdeaPad Y530 - 40516HU
IdeaPad Y550 IdeaPad Y550 - 418642U IdeaPad Y550 - 418644U
IdeaPad Y550 - 418645U IdeaPad Y550 - 418646U IdeaPad Y550 - 418648U
IdeaPad Y550 - 41864AU IdeaPad Y650 IdeaPad Y650 - 418534U
IdeaPad Y650 - 418536U IdeaPad Y650 - 418537U IdeaPad Y650 - 418556U
G230 G430 G430A
G530 G530 - 4151X2U G530 - 4151X3U
G530 - 444638U G530A G550 - 29582BU
G550 - 29582CU G550 - 29582DU G550 - 295839U
EX627 EX723  
LC300/1A LC500/1D LC500/2D
LC500/3D LC500/4D LC500/5D
LC500J/34DR LC50H/33DR LC50H/34CA1
LC50H/34DA1 LC50H/34DB1 LC50H/34DR
LC550/3DW LC600J/34DA LC600J/34DR
LC600J/54DC LC600J/54DR LC600J/54DW
LC60H/54DR LC700/1D LC700/2D
LC700/3D LC700/4D LC700J/34DL
LC700J/54DR LC700J/74DH LC800J/54ER
LC800J/74DH LC800J/84DF LC900/1D
LC900/2D LC900/3D LC900/4D
LC900/5D LC900J/84DB LC900J/84DH
LC950/3E LC950/4E LH300/2A
LH300/3F LH450J/24EA LH700/2D
LH700/3E LL300/1A LL300/4D
LL500/1D LL500/2D LL500/3D
LL500/5D LL550/3D LL550/5D
LL700/1D LL700/2D LL700/3D
LL700/4D LL700/5D LL700R/73DH
LL700R/73R LL700R/74DR LL730/5D
LL750/2D LL750/3D LL750/4DW
LL800R/74DH LL800R/84DH LL900/1D
LL900/5D LL930/5D LS46H/24DV
LS46H/24DW LS50H/34DV2 LS50H/34DW2
LS50J/34DV LS50J/34DW LS55H/54DV
LS600J/55DV LS65H/64DH LS65H/64DS
LS700J/36DT3 LS700J/65DH LS70H/74DH
LS800J/56DH LT300/0D LT300/5D
LT500/0D LT500/1D LT500/2D
LT500/3D LT500/4D LT500/5D
LT700/0D LT700/1D LT700/2D
LT900/1D LT9002D LU40L/22A
LU45L/33D LU45L/35B LU50/53DC
LU50L/54DC LU700R/63DC LU700R/63DR
LU700R/64DV LW23C/52C LW23C/52D
LW23D/52C LW23D/52D LW26H/62C
LW26H/62D LW30H/63C4 LW30H/63C6
LW30H/63CA LW30H/63D4 LW30H/63D6
LW30H/64C6 LW30H/64D6 LW30H/72C
LW30H/72D LW333D/74C6 LW333D/74CA
LW333D/74D6 LW333D/74DA LW336D/74DA
LW33H/73C6 LW33H/73D6 LW33H/82C
LW33H/82D LW366D/74CA LW36H/12C6
LW36H/12D6 LW36H/84C6 LW36H/84D6
LW400D/84CA LW400D/84DA LW40H/13C6
LW40H/13D6 LW40H/14CW LW40H/14DW
LW40H/84C6 LW40H/84CA LW40H/84D6
LW40H/84DA LW43H/14CA LW43H/22C6
LW43H/22D6 LW450J/13CA LW450J/13DA
LW450J/14CV LW450J/14DV LW450J/24CA
LW450J/24DA LW450J/24DW LW45H/23DR
LW45H/24DR LW46H/14CA LW46H/14DA
LW500J/24CA LW500J/24DA LW500J/24DR
Ready 220T Ready 230T Ready 330T
Ready 340T Ready 360T Ready 440T
Versa 500 Versa 5000 Versa 5060
Versa 5060X Versa 5069 Versa 5080
Versa 5080X Versa 550 Versa 550D
Versa Aptitude Series Versa AX Series Versa Daylite E120
Versa E120 Versa E2000 Versa E2000 Series
Versa E400 Versa E600 Versa E6200
Versa E6210 Versa E6300 Versa E6310
Versa E680 Versa FX Versa FXi
Versa JXi Versa JZi Versa L2200
Versa M370 Versa Note Versa Note ES
Versa NX Versa One Versa P570
Versa P7500 Versa P8210 Versa P9110
Versa S Versa S/32 Versa S/33C
Versa S/33D Versa S/50D Versa S9100
Versa S970 Versa SXI Versa VX
Versa VXI VersaNote  
Satellite 1110 Satellite A500-ST5602 Satellite A505D-S6987
Satellite A505-S6980 Satellite A505-S6981 Satellite A505-S6982
Satellite A505-S6983 Satellite A505-S6984 Satellite A505-S6985
Satellite A505-S6986 Satellite A505-S6990 Satellite A505-S6991
Satellite A505-S6992 Satellite A505-S6995 Satellite A505-S6996
Satellite A505-S6998 Satellite A505-S6999 Satellite L300D-ST3501
Satellite L550-ST5702 Satellite L555-S7945 Satellite P305-S8830
Satellite P305-S8837 Satellite P305-S8838 Satellite P305-S8842
Satellite P500 Satellite P500-ST5801 Satellite P500-ST5806
Satellite P505 Satellite P505-S8970 Satellite P505-S8971
Satellite P505-ST5801 Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1006V Tecra L2 Series
Tecra L2-S011 Tecra L2-S022 Tecra L2-S1141
X4 Winbook    
A100 A140 A200
A210 A212 A215
A700 A710 A730 Winbook
C100 C120 Winbook C140 Winbook
C142 Winbook C170 C220
C225 C226 C240
GL20 GL30 GL35
GL80 J1 Series J2 Series
J21 J4 G730 J4 G731
J4 G732 J4 Series J4 V Series
M100 M105 M200
M201 M203 M205
M220 Winbook M300 Winbook M321
M351 M353 M400
M401 M402 M404
M405 Winbook M406 M412
T200 T230 T231
T240 T250 TL30
TL35 V100 V120 Series
V200 Series V220 V230 Series
V240 Series V300 Series V350
V400 V410 V412
V415 W100 W140
W160 W200 W235
W245 W300 W320
W322 Winbook W340 W360
W362 W364 W500
W515 W535 X1 Winbook
X2 Winbook X500 X505
X510 X512 X520
X522 X530 X540
X600 WInbook X610 Z1
Z1 850    

30 Day Limited Warranty

Memory Express will help facilitate the return of defective product(s) to the manufacturer for repair or replacement at no cost to our customer with in the first thirty (30) days, unless otherwise specified. Returns / Exchanges for Clearance Items are valid within (15) days of original purchase date unless otherwise specified.

Please see our Retail Store Policies for more information.

Returns / Exchanges for Clearance Items are valid within (7) days of original purchase date unless otherwise specified. Clearance items carry a 30 Day Limited Warranty unless otherwise specified. Please see our Returns & Exchanges page for more information.