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Clearance Centre: Velocity PCI-E x1 Male to PCI-E x16 Female v2.0 Extension Cable, 150mm

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Type: New
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  • SKU: MX47635
  • ILC: PCIEx1-x16ext
  • Part #: PCIEx1-x16
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Product Info

Do You Need to Install Your Video Card off Your Motherboard?

Some computer builds are harder then others, especially when you build a Customized Rig or when you want an Open Build so you can do some Mining without the hassle of using an enclosure.

Maybe your Motherboard lets you run multiple cards, but the card slots are too close together for your Uber Video Card setup. This PCI-E x16 Extension Cable lets you install a card off your Motherboard for fitment issues, to save space, or for one of a hundred other unique reasons.


  • 150mm PCI-E x1 Male to PCI-E x16 Female Extension Cable allows some PCI-E x16 Cards to fit smaller PCI-E x1 slots
    • Requires use of all video card external power connectors
  • Meets PCI-E x1 Standards for Full Bandwidth and maximum performance
  • Quality Components assembled for years of reliable use
  • Meets or Exceeds current PCI-E x1 / x16 ver. 2.0 RF and EMI Standards
    • Designed to not cause artifacting, processing errors, BSOD, etc.


High end Video Cards use 1 or 2 external 6-pin or 8-pin power connectors along with up to 75 watts of Bus Power from the PCI-E x16 card slot to feed up to a maximum of 375W of total power to your Video Card.

This PCI-E x1 to PCI-E x16 Extension Cable only provides up to 25W of Bus Power as per PCI-E x1 specs. You will need to use all the External Power Connectors available on your Video Card for maximum power input. That being said, your PCI-E x16 video card still may not run at all, or may not run at full speed when using this Extension Cable.


Cable Type PCI-E x1 Male to PCI-E x16 Female Extension Cable
Connectors 1x PCI-E x1 Male Connector
1x PCI-E x16 Female Connector
Bus Interface PCI Express x16 ver. 2.0
Cable Length ~150mm (6.0") Long
Weight N/A
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