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  • MX36523: 1TB Desktop HDD SATA III w/ 64MB Cache
  • MX36523: 1TB Desktop HDD SATA III w/ 64MB Cache
  • MX36523: 1TB Desktop HDD SATA III w/ 64MB Cache
  • MX36523: 1TB Desktop HDD SATA III w/ 64MB Cache

1TB Desktop HDD SATA III w/ 64MB Cache

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Product Info

Barracuda® hard drives give you what you want
Count on Barracuda® drives to deliver the storage innovations that drive your costs down and your performance up.

  • 7200 RPM performance–from 250GB all the way up to 3TB
  • OptiCache™ technology further exploits big 64MB cache sizes and improved micro processor capabilities
  • SATA 6Gb/s technology to further maximize performance


Maximizes hard drive storage densities
Barracuda 1TB-per-disk technology incorporates 340,000 unique tracks in the width of a single inch. This incredible storage density drives new capacity possibilities and lowers your total storage costs.

Seagate AcuTrac™ technology enables new storage densities with accurate reading and writing to nano-sized tracks that are only 75 nanometers wide! That’s about 500 times smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Green where it counts
Barracuda® 1TB-per-disk hard drives now have advanced power modes to save more energy while in idle states–without sacrificing performance.

Barracuda desktop drives are produced using the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the industry, with a focus on environmental stewardship.

  • Barracuda® drives comply with the RoHS directive on hazardous materials and voluntarily restrict halogen compounds.
  • 70% or more of the materials used to build Barracuda drives are recyclable.
  • Low power consumption

Perfect when you need to:

  • Build desktop or all-in-one PCs
  • Create PC-based gaming systems
  • Implement a desktop RAID
  • Outfit direct attached external storage devices (DAS)
  • Build network attached storage devices (NAS)



Capacity 1 TB
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Cache 64 MB
Areal density 625Gb/in² (avg)
Guaranteed Sectors 1,953,525,168
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm
Average latency 4.16ms
Random read seek time <8.5ms
Random write seek time <9.5ms
Dimensions 4 x 5.7 x 0.8 inches
102 x 147 x 20 mm
Weight 0.88 lbs
400 g