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  • MX31740: Phantom Full Tower, Red
  • MX31740: Phantom Full Tower, Red
  • MX31740: Phantom Full Tower, Red
  • MX31740: Phantom Full Tower, Red


Phantom Full Tower, Red

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  • SKU: MX31740
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  • Part #: PHAN-001RD
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On the fence.

 6/10/2014 12:23:16 AM
Brad M from Edmonton writes:
It's huge. HUGE. Plenty of space to work with inside. With enough tinkering, some internal components can be removed to create additional space, for the minimalist of course. Comes with a reasonable fan controller. Easy cable management solutions.
The top exhaust fan is complete CRAP. I mean CRAP. It was manufactured so poorly that the fan wobbles as it spins. It wobbles so much so now that I am likely going to remove it because it's clipping the top of my CPU rad block I have installed in the 120mm exhaust slot. The overall build quality is actually quite poor. It's always a fight to get the main side panel on and off, and to secure it with the THUMB screws is a joke. You can only get so far with your thumbs before you're cursing.
The big exhaust fan is a joke. I have pondered replacing it but every time I think about it, I remember reading reviews that the fan is a few millimeters shy of its stated dimensions. I'm probably just going to take it out and cover the hole, and determine another effective method of exhausting hot air. Unimpressed with the build quality of the case. Plastic and metal parts are different shades of red. Side panels are a pain to remove and replace. This could have been better. I wish it was.

NZXT Phantom Full Tower

 1/14/2012 2:59:39 PM
Tanner from Winnipeg writes:
- Very attractive cherry red case - A lot of space inside - Comes with 4 stock fans with fan control on top of the case - Can hold up to 6 fans
None so far.
AMAZING case for an AMAZING price !
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